Sunday, 23 December 2012

All-New X-Men #2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen

When I first heard of this series I wasn't too sure what to expect, but the first issue was very good. It's nice to see a X-Men series which involves both X-Men teams, and the addition of the younger versions of the X-Men make the series even more interesting.


This issue sees Beast from the present continue to persuade the X-Men of the past to come and try and fix the present. They eventually agree and Beast brings them to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning where the past meets the present.


This was a brilliant issue and much better than the first. The thing I loved about this issue was it showed more of what I wanted to see last issue the younger X-Men. Brian Michael Bendis has done a brilliant job of bringing the past X-Men into the present and I love how everyone from both past and present reacted. I love how Bendis writes the two groups in this issue and how you can tell the age difference by the way they talk, as the younger X-Men lack in experience, knowledge, and seriousness. The plot that Bendis has created throughout the first two issues has been outstanding and I'm looking forward to seeing where it's heading in the further issues. I also liked how he focused this issue on the younger X-Men's arrival into the present and didn't jump between this and what the present Cyclops was doing making the issue less complicated.

The art from Stuart Immonen is fantastic and one of the best things about this series. The way he draws the characters whether past or present versions is amazing and I like how he shows the differences that have happened to them over the years whilst making it obvious that they're the same characters. The detail in his work is amazing and the way he draws the facial expressions if phenomenal. I also loved how we got to see three Beast's technically through Immonen's art as we have the past Beast the present Beast and the more well known Beast after becoming blue but before his further mutation kicked in.

The reactions from the present and past X-Men when they saw themselves was brilliant and probably the best part about this issue. It's been the thing I've most been looking forward to since the series was announced and it didn't disappoint. I was always expecting Jean Grey to be shocked about learning that she was dead but I wasn't quite expecting the reaction we got from Iceman (pictured below). This was easily the best reaction throughout the issue and I loved how we got to see him now, not long after his appearance has changed and a younger fresher Iceman with a lot less ice about him, as besides Beast Iceman has probably changed appearance wise the most, especially most recently.

The reaction I was most looking forward to was Wolverine's, as along with Cyclops he loved Jean very much, so seeing a younger, living version of her would have been a shock for him, as well as emotional. The way he reacted when he just noticed the younger X-Men's scent, and I'm assuming Cyclops' specifically was amazing and I loved how he went out in the Berserker rage before realising who they were. I also liked how Wolverine treated the younger versions of the X-Men, and how he was holding back from talking to Jean, only telling her that mind tricks don't work on him.

The question over Beast's health was questioned more during this issue as just before leaving for the present with the younger X-Men, and more so on arrival he felt the pain from his progressive mutation which eventually rendered him unconscious. It will be interesting to see what happens to Beast and if he'll be able to fight through this further mutation. It will also be interesting to see who out of the people Storm contacted, if any will come to Beast's aid, and how they themselves will react if they find out what Beast's done.

The only reactions not shown in this issue that I'm looking forward to seeing is how the younger X-Men react when they meet the present Cyclops and how he will react to seeing them, especially Jean. It will also be interesting to see how the younger X-Men react when seeing that the present Cyclops is working with Magneto, who would still be a villain from where they come from.

Final Verdict

This was an amazing issue and I'me enjoying where this story is going. Bendis is doing a tremendous job on this series, and so far it's been the best X-Men story I've read in years. I would highly recommend this issue, as well as the previous and am looking forward to seeing what the next issue holds for all three groups of X-Men.

Rating: 5/5