Thursday, 6 December 2012

Batman and Robin #14

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Pat Gleason & Tomás Giorello

(Highlight White Areas to Reveal Spoilers)

I have been a Batman and Robin fan for a few years now (since the Grant Morrison run) and have been enjoying the better part of this series. It has however been very inconsistent with one good issue or story followed by a bad one. Although Peter J. Tomasi has done an overall brilliant job he has slipped the last few issues (not including issue 0) and I hope it starts to get back on track.


This issue sees Robin being taken by a bunch of zombies to some kind of ritual. After Batman has dealt with the zombies where he is he trying to get a hold of Damian to no avail. With Damian not answering Batman rushed to his location to see if he needs help.


This wasn't a bad issue but like the previous issue the subject matter was too random for a Batman comic. Overall Tomasi has been doing a great job on this series but since the opening story there hasn't been much to enjoy (apart from the appearance of the former Robins in issue 12, and Damian's origin in issue 0). This story has also felt like a filler filling the gap whilst Tomasi works on the Death of the Family tie in issue. Although it bridged the gap between this issue and the next I don't think it was a brilliant idea having Joker as the person behind these events as it's not really something he'd do.

The art was in this issue was good, both from Patrick Gleason and Tomás Giorello, although like last issue I would have preferred it if only one person did the art. I liked the art for the better part of the issue and think that Gleason's style really suits this series. I did however feel that the art was a little inconsistent and didn't like the way the artist drew hair during certain sequences. Besides this I would still prefer Gleason doing the art throughout the entire issue as his art goes better with the fun and fast pace of this series and although Giorello's art is brilliant it feels to serious for this series.

I really enjoyed how Robin got to stand out as the hero in this issue when he saves people from the zombies. Although he's been a hero for a while now (and the whole of the New 52) he has never had a proper chance to prove himself on his own and always had someone with him when it counts. He has also strayed from the path Batman's set him in the past which has left questions to whether he should still be Robin.

The best part about this issue was the action and I loved seeing Batman and Robin fighting zombies (almost made it worth adding the zombies in the first place). I also enjoyed the expression on Robin's face when Batman arrives and how quick it drops when Batman tells him that there's "nothing to be smiling about," yet. I thought it was also a smart choice to have Batman try and subdue the zombies with tranquillisers at the start as Batman would always try the lest harmful way to subdue someone, especially if they are being controlled.

The emotion between Bruce and Damian in this issue was brilliant and especially as the issue got closer to the end. You can see both the Batman and Robin connection, as in Batman being in charge with an overconfident sidekick next to him, whilst also seeing the father and son connection, as Batman is the concerned father looking out for his son and Robin is just trying to make his dad proud. The sequence between Bruce and Damian at the end of the issue also showed that Damian does have feelings and cares about his father a lot and that he is just a confused boy due to the way his mother (Talia al Ghul) raised him.

Final Verdict

Not a great issue but still good. I would recommend it to people who have the previous issue but I wouldn't recommend it to new readers. New readers are better off waiting till next issue which will hopefully be a lot better.

Rating: 3.5/5