Sunday, 23 December 2012

Daredevil #20

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Sammne

This has been one of the best Daredevil runs I have ever read and I've enjoyed every issue so far. What Mark Waid has done with this series has been phenomenal and I can't thank him enough for all the issues he's done so far.


This issue sees Daredevil who is now minus a head in Coyote's lair where Coyote tells Daredevil of his plans and shows him all the other heads he's collected and kept in a cupboard. Daredevil now needs to find a way to save himself and all the poor people who are minus their bodies.


This was a brilliant issue and this story involving Coyote just keeps getting more interesting each issue. Waid has done an amazing job on this issue just like he's done an amazing job on the series so far. Although I thought this issue was brilliant and that Waid keeps adding more suspense with each issue I did however feel that the overall mood of this issue wasn't as good as some of the previous issues. This is however still a very good issue and I have been enjoying how he's been involving Matt more in the series whilst giving some of the best Daredevil adventures I have read in years. I like when series acknowledge prior events even so I' was very happy to see this story take elements of the issue 1 which I never expected to be brought up later in this series.

The art throughout this series has also been amazing and both Chris Samnee and Paolo Manuel Rivera have done some amazing works of art throughout this series. When I noticed that Samnee would continue to do the interiors whilst Rivera did the covers I was very happy as we have the best of both worlds. Rivera's covers are amazing and although this cover only had a few elements from the issue shown it was still very stylish and well thought out. Samnee's interiors have been equally as impressive and although his art isn't as beautiful or detailed as other artists it is still brilliant and suits this issue perfectly. Javier Rodriguez' colours have also been amazing and have added the tone that is needed to tell dome of the stories seen in this series.

The development of Coyote in this issue was very interesting and it's been very surprising to see the Spot turn into this well prepared villain who has Daredevil speechless. I also loved how this issue also showed flaws in Coyote and begged questions about his true intentions. I'm also looking forward to seeing if anything is revealed about Coyote or his plans in next issue.

Daredevil being headless throughout this issue was a very interesting element and if it wasn't for the fact that anything can happen in comics I'd be questioning how this is even possible. It was very amusing and interesting seeing Coyote having a conversation with Daredevil with his head Daredevil's head in his hands. In some respects this also reminds me of the Shakespeare play Hamlet, and although I've never read or watched the whole of it I'm pretty sure like most people of a certain age they'll have seen the iconic image of Hamlet holding a skull at one point or another.

Coyote having a cupboard full of heads minus their bodies in this issue was not only visually stunning but made the story's progression that much easier. Seeing all these heads minus bodies was very interesting and the reaction Daredevil had showed that he wasn't going to play around any more. It also made it easier to hate Coyote more and although I like joking fun villains that you want to like, I love when a villain leaves you disliking them as that shows that they've done their job well. It makes total sense that Coyote would have more than one bodiless head lying around and was funny to see him feeding them. It also questions if this is Coyote's only means of dealing with someone and if he always uses this device to do his business or eliminate a foe.

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD! (Should be safe to skip to next paragraph)

Daredevil's plan for escaping Coyote's clutches was brilliant and very interesting. It was initially weird seeing Daredevil's body move without his head attached, but it made total sense that if he could talk and breath without his body he should still be able to move his body without his head. I also wonder if Coyote ever though of this possibly happening when he started using this device as Daredevil is the only person really capable of doing this. Although we get to see Daredevil's heightened senses used to help him out of this predicament it was however funny to see that his body still stumbled every now and then.

Kirsten McDuffie's involvement in this issue was also very interesting as was the lack of an appearance from Foggy Nelson. Last issue Fogy divulged to Kirsten that Matt was Daredevil and told her about how he worried about his mental state and due to him being Daredevil, Matt could be a danger to everyone. It was interesting to see how this continued into this issue and it was even more interesting to see what has transpired inbetween Kirsten finding out Matt's secret and going to report to her superiors. I won't talk any more on this event as to avoid spoiling it.

Final Verdict

This was a very good issue and this story involving Coyote is getting even more interesting. I would highly recommend this issue and am looking forward to seeing how the story concludes next issue.

Rating: 4/5