Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Green Lantern #14

Writer: Geoff John
Artist: Doug Mahnke

(Highlight White Areas to Reveal Spoilers)

I have really been enjoying this series since it started just over a year ago, and have enjoyed John's run prior to that. The work Johns has done in the Green Lantern Universe over the last 8 years has been phenomenal and he's made the lead character shine throughout, whether it be Hal or Baz. The series over the years has also had amazing artists and Mahnke has been one of the best.


This issue sees the Guardians continue plotting their scheme to remove all emotion from the universe. Meanwhile Baz is confronted by the Justice League and is trying everything he can to make them believe he is innocent but when the ring explodes with light and energy whilst Batman is trying to help him remove it he is forced to flee with the Justice League in pursuit.


This was an amazing issue and has been the best in the Rise of the Third Army crossover so far. Johns has done an amazing job introducing this new character to the series, which isn't always easy. Sometimes new characters get a bad response especially when they are potentially replacing a character as big as Hal Jordan, but Baz has had great response and it's easy to see why. Over his run on GL Johns has been able to judge when to add new energy and excitement to the series when it needs it the most.

The art in this issue was great and once again Mahnke has produced a beautiful piece of artwork throughout this comic. Sinclair and Avina have also added brilliant colour to this issue and I really enjoy seeing how Baz's Green Lantern uniform has a bright glowing colour and how it really pops out next to the members of the Justice League. Mahnke has also proved that he has the ability to draw the Justice League and I would be more than happy if I heard he was working on that title sometime in the future.

I'm actually starting to like the Baz character more after this issue. I liked from the previous issue how he was different form the other Lanterns but this issue showed a lot more character and that he's a misunderstood character and not the bad person everyone is making him out to be.

I also was happy to see that this issue started to introduce more of the main crossover story as most of the first issue was about Baz trying to figure out how to use the ring so it was nice to see the Guardians plotting more of there scheme again.

It was also nice to see Hal and Sinestro in the issue, even if there appearance was short, as it shows that they haven't been forgotten and that they will be used further down the line. The brief appearances they have made over the last couple of issues do however keep you wondering about what will happen to them and the end of this issue gives a teaser and it looks like the mystery about Hal and Sinestro's whereabouts may be answered in the next issue.

Baz's reaction to the Justice League was just priceless and one of the funniest parts of the issue. I really enjoyed how he is speechless and then compliments Superman by saying that even if he could work the ring that Superman would still be able to kick his a$$, whilst kind of insulting Batman by saying that he's the only member of the Justice League he could stand a chance against.

I also liked how Superman actually looked flattered when Baz said that and how Batman agreed that he was defiantly a Green Lantern due to the comment he made about him. I also liked the comedy that Flash brought to this issue and how if a Green Lantern had to die so Baz could get that ring that he wished it was Guy.

It was also nice to see a different use of the ring and how Baz makes unique constructs which are both smart and very unique. I will be looking forward to seeing how he uses the ring in future issues.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue and Baz is starting to become a great character. This issue is crammed with tones of fun, and brilliant action (although limited) with a bit of humour. I would highly recommend this issue and the entire series.

Rating: 4.5/5