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Hits and Misses 12/12/12

Welcome to another addition of Hits and Misses. This is where I will be taking a look at the comics I liked and dislike this week, and things about certain comics that made it stick out. This Hits and Misses is for the comics I read released on the 12/12/12.


First up this week is Batman #15 which continues the main part of Death of the Family. This issue saw the other members of the Bat-Family confront Batman about the calling card from Joker that Batman supposedly has, and whether Joker actually knows all their secret identities. This was another amazing issue, and this story is looking to be the best Batman story in years. The way Joker has turned the entire Bat-Family slightly against Batman was brilliant, and the Joker has been brilliant throughout this story. Although not all of the tie-ins have been good, I'm happy that this, the main story has been fantastic. Scott Snyder has done a brilliant job of brining Joker back into Batman's life, and although Joker's always been an unpredictable psycho, there hasn't been a Joker quite like this one. I've also enjoyed seeing previous encounters between Batman and the Joker retold throughout this story, and love how the pages have lines through them giving a scratched tape feel about it, so you know it's old. The addition of the Bat-Family in this issue also allowed Joker to take a step back, and although Joker's domination of this story has been very well written, it's nice to have a break, and add more variables to the story in the form of the Bat-Family. Greg Capullo's artwork has also been very good over both this story, and the entire series. Although his artwork isn't as beautiful as other artists, it's still very detailed, and the way he draws Joker in this story is marvellous.

 Next up is The Walking Dead #105. I started reading The Walking Dead after hearing about it getting turned into a TV series, and ever since I've been hooked buying all the trade paper backs, and comics from that moment on. It's been about the only series I can think of where I've enjoyed every single issue, and that's saying a lot when there's over a hundred. Okay, not all of them are as good as the previous, and some are much better than others, but I've enjoyed them all. This issue sees Carl caught after killing several of Negan's men. Negan later asks him to remove the bandage over his eye, and for the first time since he was shot in the eye, we get to see the damage. Most issues in this series average at a 4 or a 4.5, but this shot the rating all the way to the to. Besides that the story was also very good, and you could feel the emotions coming from Carl, who has tried to act as tough as he can. It's easy to forget that Carl is only a child, but this issue reminds you easily, and it's hard not to feel sorry for him. It also shows that Negan isn't totally cruel, and that there is more to him than meets the eye. This series has also been known for it's brilliant cliffhangers, but this issues isn't as good a cliffhanger, and some people may not even consider it as one. This is easily forgiveable as the issue was amazing in ever other way with brilliant writing from Robert Kirkman, and amazing art from Charlie Adlar.

Batgirl #15 was also a very good issue, and has easily been the next best instalment in Death of the Family. This issue sees Batgirl placed with the ultimatum of marrying the Joker to save her mother. This issue also jumped back and forth from a flashback showing a therapy session of Joker's. It's this last part that made this issue not quite as good as the previous, and although it revealed it's purpose nearer the end I still felt that in unnecessarily clogged up the issue. The interaction between Batgirl and Joker in this issue was brilliant, and I loved that Batgirl thought of her mother before herself. It was also nice to see Batgirl let loose in this issue, and finally get a little revenge on the man that made her paralysed. It was also interesting to see her contemplating breaking her vow not to kill anyone, but after all Joker has put her through in the past it's hard to blame her. There was also sad news, not much longer than a week ago when it was announced that Gail Simone would no longer be writing Batgirl following issue 17. This wasn't nice news as I've recently became a fan of this series, and it's her writing that makes it as good as it is.

Another couple of good issues this week was Scarlet Spider #12 and Before Watchmen: Rorschach #3. Christopher Yost did an amazing job on Scarlet Spider and it was probably one of the best issues I've read in the series, and was a brilliant Christmas story. Although Rorschach was still a very good issue, it was slightly disappointing compared to the previous two. With only one issue left I hope it ends with a bang, and is worthy of not just the character, but the first two brilliant issues.


First miss of the week is Ultimate Comics Iron Man #3. Although this series has been slightly enjoyable, most of it hasn't, and with only one issue remaining I can only hope it ends fantastically. I had high hopes for this series and it's no were near lived up to them. We've not even seen the Ultimate version of Mandarin yet, and although it's probably a good idea in theory, as it builds up suspense, the story that has circled around it has mad me care less about the conclusion, as I just want the series to end. This issue was also very dull, with the end of Iron Man's battle with the drones from last issue, followed by a boring sequence where Tony thinks of a way to infiltrate Mandarin. It did however end very well with a nice cliffhanger, but unless the final issue is brilliant I will be very disappointed. Although I've liked that it's referenced from previous series, and kept stuff from current series, the things that it's dropped have been a bit disappointing. Like for instance the tumour he talks to in Ultimate Comics Ultimates. Although some people may have not liked that concept, I did, and for this series not to even mention it questions the whole continuity of the Ultimates universe, and whether this is nothing more than another Iron Man story, but in the Ultimate universe.

Next miss of the week was Suicide Squad #15. I had very high hopes for this tie-in to Death of the Family but it was very disappointing. The starter issue revolved around the Suicide Squad a lot more than the story between Harley, and Joker, and although this issue showed the conclusion to the story it wasn't what I'd hoped for, and I questioned whether it was necessary. The relationship between Joker and Harley has been a big thing since her introduction in the 90's Batman Animated Series, but this story didn't utilise the full potential of their relationship. It has also always been known that Haley would do anything for "Mr. J", and although it's obvious she wouldn't let him kill her, I would have still thought she would have tried to reason with him more. Amanda Waller also mentioned that Joker was doing this because he loved Harley, and that he felt he lost her. Although Joker's possibly crazier than ever I still think he wouldn't want to kill Harley, especially if he loved her, and due to Deadshot being dead why would he think he'd lost her. I've not read much of Suicide Squad before this but I understand that Harley and Deadshot had a relationship, which wouldn't have amused Joker. Although Joker would have been mad due to this I still think due to Deadshot being dead that he would try to win Harley back round to him and not kill her. I also think this is a disappointment for anyone like me who has gotten this due to the Death of the Family crossover, as this didn't really add much to the overall story.

Final miss of the week is Iron Man #4. This series has been very inconsistent, and after the last issue showing promise for the series future I was sad to see the quality drop. I think the main thing that has hindered the constancy of this series has been that each issue is a stand alone issue, within a bigger story. These stand alone issues have also been very different from each other with only the Extremis armour being the thing that links them. I understand that writers want to vary a series, but I don't think it's a very good idea to be doing this at the start of a series, as it may confuse newer readers. There were however a few good points in this issue, and the catacombs, and "Lovecraft" women were amongst them. Although I didn't like the reference the women themselves were brilliant, and the way they've been turned into unemotional monsters was very interesting. The art from Greg Land was also not perfect, but it never is. Don't get me wrong his art is nice to look at, but the way he draws women similar, and that they are all beautiful is annoying. I was however happy to see that the awkward facial expressions were minimal in this issue, with only a few in it. I don't know whether I want this series to get better, as it would be nice, but at the same time if it didn't it would be one less series I'd get, as I'd drop it from my pull list.

That's it for this weeks Hits and Misses. Tell me what you think of it, and what your opinions of this weeks comics in the comments section.

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