Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hits and Misses 5/12/12

Welcome to another addition of Hits and Misses. This is where I will be taking a look at the comics I liked and dislike this week, and things about certain comics that made it stick out. This Hits and Misses is for the comics I read released on the 5/12/12.


First up this week is Deadpool #3. This has been one of the best things to have came out of Marvel NOW! Okay, it may not be the best series in Marvel NOW! but considering the difference between this series and it's predecessor besides Indestructible Hulk there isn't anything with a bigger increase. Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan have been doing a tremendous job and they've been able to make this a fun series with some brilliant jokes, and ton's of action. This issue sees Deadpool ask Doctor Strange for help against the undead presidents, and he also lands up facing not 1, but 4 undead presidents in the form of, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Gerald Ford together, and Richard Nixon later. My favourite part of this issue was when Deadpool said, "I can't wait to pound that Dick," referring to Richard Nixon, then asking Dr. Strange if he has a spell to undo what he said. Besides that there is great action and ton's of brilliant fights. Tony Moore also has to get a big thanks for his artwork so far on this series as it's been one of the best Deadpool art I've ever seen. I'll finish talking about this comic by saying that I also liked how Deadpool broke the fourth wall in this issue, as he's well known for it, so I was happy to see it in this issue.

Next up is Avengers #1 which starts an new Avengers series written by Jonathan Hickman with art from Jerome Opena. This series begins with a new Avengers foe named Ex Nihilo wants to evolve Earth into a new era and how he plans on using the Avengers to do that. This was a brilliant start to what I hope will be an amazing series. Hickman brings a similar style to the one he used during his Fantastic Four run and adds it to this new Avengers book giving a different feeling to the team. This issue also features the Avengers that where in the Avengers movie (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow) which helps ease newer readers who have seen the film into the series. This issue also had a small teaser for the upcoming New Avengers series, which is also written by Hickman. The teaser has Captain America dreaming of this new team and although I think the New Avengers series sounds good it wasn't necessarily the best way to advertise it. The new villain Ex Nihilo was also very interesting and I look forward to seeing more of him. Opena brings his amazing artwork to this series, and I'm happy to see his work again, as I've missed it since he left Uncanny X-Force.

As Spider-Man crawls towards his big 700th issue during his 50th year The Amazing Spider-Man #699 produces another great teaser for the upcoming milestone issue. This issue explains how Doctor Octopus was able to switch bodies with Spider-Man. The way it was explained was very interesting, and I loved how the story was told through Peter's thoughts in Doc Oc's body was also very good, and showed the sense of desperation that's going through Peter very well. Dan Slott has really done something great and I have really enjoyed his work. Although the last couple of issues of this series haven't been as fun as the others they have still been very good and I've never been as excited to read a Spider-Man issue as much as I am waiting for issue 700 to come out, so I thank Slott for that. Humberto Ramos also returned doing art on this issue, and although I still don't like how he draws Doc Oc, the rest of his art is amazing and I loved how he showed the evil on Spider-Man's now that Doc Oc is in his body.

Another couple of brilliant issues were Punisher: War Zone #2 were Black Widow was in search of the Punisher, and Hawkeye #5 which concluded Clint's tale to retrieve the tape that has him killing a terrorist on it. Both these issues are great and I will be sad when Greg Rucka's run on Punisher ends at the end of War Zone. Matt Fraction also continues amazing work on Hawkeye, although the ending of this story wasn't quite as good as the start.


The first miss for this week is Action Comics #15. I loved the start of Grant Morrison's run on this series but the last couple of issues have been poor, and this one was extremely poor. I can understand why some people may like this issue but I personally didn't. I felt that the story was all over the place too much, and at times hard to understand. I try my hardest to like Grant Morrison's work, as he's done such great work in the past, but the last couple of issues of this series have been very poor. I understand that Morrison is trying to do something different in the series but all this 5th Dimension stuff isn't pleasing me. I also didn't like how the issue jumped backwards and forwards in time, and how the old woman was giving Superman memories of things that are yet to come. the new villain in this issue was also a bit disappointing, and doesn't actually seem serious. Overall I think the jumping about, and confusion of parts in this issue made it hard to read and I personally hope the series goes away from this direction.

Earth 2 #7 is the next miss for this week. This issue wasn't actually that bad, but at the same time disappointed. The cover for starters suggests that Hawkgirl and Green Lantern would fight, apparently to the death also. This never happened, and the issue was mainly revolved around Amir Kahn not trusting Terry Sloane. It's already been established that Sloane isn't to be trusted, so is there any need to waste the better part of an issue emphasising it. The sequence between Hawkgirl and Green Lantern was however good, and the only thing I really liked in this issue. However it didn't last as long as it should have, and after expecting to see a fight it was disappointing that it never really happened. Flash also not appearing in this issue was also disappointing as he's the character I've liked the most in this series. I also didn't like the change in artist. Don't get me wrong, Yildiray Cinar's art was good but I'd much rather Nicola Scott was doing the art as her arts been one of the main things I've liked about this series. Overall I didn't mind this issue, but it felt to much like a filler and was very disappointing in most parts.

Final miss for this week in Worlds' Finest #7. This issue was actually better than the series has been so far but not enough to save it from the axe, as I will be dropping this series after this issue. This issue continues from the last with Damian and Huntress searching for the group that have been stealing money from Damian's dad Bruce Wayne, A.K.A. Batman. Meanwhile Power Girl travels to find the weapons base which this money is funding. I liked the interaction between Damian and Huntress as they both had a version of Batman as they're father. I actually liked how Damian was written in this issue, and felt that he stayed true to character. I also loved how Damian was wary of Huntress. I also liked how Damian and Huntress acknowledged each other as kind of brother and sister. Besides that the issue was still poor. The progression of the story felt slow at certain points, and then rushed at others. I also didn't like Power Girl's involvement in this issue. I understand that due to her being one of the two main characters in this series it wouldn't be right removing her from an issue, and that would probably annoy die hard fans. I however think it would have been better to have removed her from this story to give more time showing the development of Damian and Huntresses relationship. Overall this was a fun issue and it will please some people, but it was too little to late and will be the last issue I'll be getting.

That's it for this weeks Hits and Misses. Tell me what you think of it, and what your opinions of this weeks comics in the comments section.