Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Green Lantern #15 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahnke

Since Geoff Johns started writing Green Lantern back in Green Lantern: Rebirth I have became a huge fan of the power wielders from around the galaxy, but mainly the Lanterns featured in the main Green Lantern series' (Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and Simon Baz). This storyline has also been very interesting, and I am looking forward to what Rise of the Third Army leads in to.


This issue sees Simon Baz attempting to clear his name by visiting the owner of the van he stole. Agent Fed is also on Baz' trail, and Hal, and Sinestro learn what's happened to them.


This was a brilliant issue, but not quite as good as the last couple of issues. I've enjoyed how Johns has developed Baz into a character that I like, and the fact that these issues focus more on Baz' story than the actual Rise of the Third Army crossover doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. In saying that this issue was a bit slower than the previous few, and it affected the overall story. Besides that Johns did a decent job of explaining exactly what happened during issue 0. I've also loved that Johns has managed to keep Hal, and Sinestro in the series, but I'll talk more about that later.

The art from Doug Mahnke was once again fantastic, and I've really been enjoying his art over this series. There is a lot of detail in his artwork, and although he uses more plainer backgrounds, than other artist's, from time time, they are also brilliantly detailed, and I'd rather a plainer background than one that's too ambitious, and doesn't look right. Mahnke is also very good at showing what the characters are feeling, which is nice as I always love emotion in art. Alex Sinclair's colours have also been magical, and probably the thing I've liked most about the art. I love that Baz' Green Lantern suit is brighter than most others, and that it stands out. I also like that Sinclair knows when to use plainer colours, or shiner colours, and think it always suits the sequence it's in.

Ring or No Ring?
What I liked most about this issue was that it put the question straight, about who was responsible for the explosives in the van Baz stole. Although this sequence was a bit slow I could put up with it, as it answered that question, and was also dramatic. It was also nice that although Baz was trying to clear his name he still felt sorry for what happened to the owners van. The person behind the explosives in the van was also a bit of a shock. It wasn't a total shock, and not long into the comic I could tell who it was, but I still thought it was a bit of a surprise. I also liked that Agent Fed turned up during this sequence, and that things didn't take long to get out of hand.

The Third Army make a more bolder appearance in this issue than they have before, which I was happy to see. I also liked that even though Baz had a Green Lantern Ring he was confused like most of the Green Lantern Corps, and that he thought there was something the other Green Lanterns knew that he didn't. It was also interesting that Agent Fed witnessed this, as the Third Army have mainly focused on eradicating the Green Lantern Corps, than changing humans into them. The interaction between Baz, and Agent Fed was also interesting in this issue, as Fed kept going by the book, and treating Baz like a futagive terrorist, whilst starting to realise that Baz may be innocent. I'm looking forward to how this progresses, and if Fed's opinion changes any more than it already has.

Hal and Sinestro: Deceased
The fate of Hal, and Sinestro is also revealed in this issue, and apparently they're dead. As I said, I've been happy that Hal, and Sinestro have been involved in this series since disappearing, and that Johns has taken the time to develop their story. Although I would prefer this to have been more than one page, it makes sense, as the main story is now focused on Baz, and newer readers may be slightly confused if they see too much of Hal, and Sinestro's story too soon. I also found it interesting that the person that was guiding them in the Dead Zone knew both of them, and I will be looking forward to who that may be, as I have a few ideas as to who it may be, but wouldn't be surprised if I was totally wrong.

Final Verdict

This was a very good issue, and a brilliant continuation to the Rise of the Third Army storyline. Although it's not quite as good as the last few issues, this is still a fabulous issue, and I would highly recommend it, along with all the Rise of the Third Army issue, in this series.

Rating: 4/5

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