Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Justice League of America #2 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: David Finch

I was really looking forward to this series, and the first issue didn't disappoint. Although I still prefer the original Justice League members, I found the whole concept of a group of controversial characters protecting America was brilliant, and Geoff Johns, and David Finch did a brilliant job with the first issue.


The Justice League of America come together, and although certain members like Green Lantern (Simon Baz) are absence, most are together, and they have their first mission, to stop the Secret Society of Super Villains.

Martian Manhunter Back-up

Martian Manhunter explains how he's able to camouflage himself, and infiltrate places like the White House, whilst showing why the President (Barack Obama) as well as America need the JLA.


This was a terrific issue, and with the first issue being such a brilliant taster, I'm happy that it's followed by an even better assembly issue. Geoff Johns is one of the best writers in DC, and although he doesn't produce brilliant stories all the time, he can make any character or series brilliant, having made Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), and Aquaman brilliant characters once more, as well as doing a tremendous job on the JL books, and Batman: Earth One. I loved the way he wrote every character, and more so that you could see all the different personalities shining through. I also liked that he's giving us teasers of things to come, whilst also giving us an interesting issue, which looks to be a brilliant series, and so far has been better than the other Justice League series (but it has only been two issues). It was also nice to see a bit of team spirit, even if they haven't really work as a team yet, but I'll talk a bit more on that later on in my review.

The art from David Finch is once again phenomenal. I've always said that art is where Finch belongs, and although he also did art on his Batman: The Dark Knight series, the poor writing let it down. I love the way he draws all the characters, but I don't like the way he draws Catwoman this time. I actually didn't mind the way he drew Catwoman in the first issue, but for some reason I don't like on second glance, and feel that it shows too much flesh, and that's saying something when it comes to Catwoman. I did however love everything else about his artwork, and all the other characters were brilliantly drawn, with his best art coming from Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman. I also liked that he was able to draw Scarecrow, as I loved the way he drew him in his last story arc on Dark Knight. The detail throughout Finch's art is also brilliant, and although there is the very odd imperfection, is easily forgiven, and doesn't take away from his tremendously brilliant artwork.

What I loved most about this issue was the return of the JLA table, with each members insignia emblazoned on their respective chairs. This was a small detail, but the members having their insignia on their chairs was something that I always felt made them feel more of a team player, and gave a personal touch to them, so it was nice to see this in this issue. The meeting that happened at the table was also very interesting, and I liked that Vibe acted like a total fanboy saying how honoured he was to be part of such a team. I also liked that Baz was absent, as it makes the timeline feel so in sync, with him being trapped in the Dead Zone in Green Lantern.

The Secret Society of Super Villains is also becoming a more interesting group in this issue, and with them having Scarecrow in their back pocket it has the potential to lead to and interesting face-off with the JLA. I also find the person leading this society to be very interesting, and I love the mysteriousness of the character. I don't think he's appeared before, but as there hasn't been much said about the character himself, I can't say I recognize him by his appearance. I did however find it interesting that Professor Ivo also appears to be a part of this society.

One of the minor things that happened in this issue was Catwoman kissing Steve Trevor. Although this isn't much, and we've seen Catwoman do random things like this in the past I found this sequence interesting as she steals his wallet, and what she finds leads to a very interesting comparison. In Trevor's wallet is a picture of him with Wonder Woman, which reminds her of her own fling with Batman. This was a brilliant comparison, as with Wonder Woman recently breaking things of with Trevor, to protect him, it reflects how Batman refuses to have a relationship with Catwoman due to similar reasons. I also liked that you could see this emotional reaction in Catwoman's face, as it made the sequence have more feeling, and purpose.

Green Arrow also featured in this issue, and although he's not an official member yet I know that he will be, as he mentioned being a member in Green Arrow #18, whilst taking to Trevor over the phone. I won't talk about the details in the Green Arrow appearance as it'd spoil the issue, but it did have some interesting developments, and makes me even more eager to get the next issue. I also liked the references to Green Arrow's past.

The back-up story featuring Martian Manhunter written by Matt Kindt was also a very good story, but it wasn't amazing. Don't get me wrong the story was very interesting, and I really enjoyed it, but I wasn't expecting this type of story, and it wasn't very exciting. The art from Scott Clark was however brilliant, and I hope he continues working on the back-ups as I would like to see more of his work. Although the story wasn't exciting I did like that it delved into the workings, and actions of the Martian Manhunter, and it made for a great accompanying story, especially considering it tie's in with the main story to a certain degree. I also have to add that I've never been a huge fan of Martian Manhunter, and have never understood why he gets the mass following, but since reading this series, along with this back-up story I have started to understand the character a bit more, and am growing to enjoy him as a character, and I look forward too seeing even more of him in these back-up stories, but I still don't think it's the right time for him to have his own solo series.

Final Verdict

A brilliant continuation of last issue, this issue brings the team together, and sets them on their first mission, giving some interesting, and exciting sequences. The back-up story featuring Martian Mahunter was also interesting, and with all that I'd easily recommend both this issue, and the previous issue, and look forward to reading more.

Rating: 5/5