Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review

This has been a film that I've been looking forward to ever since seeing the first film in cinema, as with the second series of the comic being announced I had a strong feeling that this sequel would be made, and was really excited when it was officially announced.



With Kick-Ass just returning to crime fighting, and Hit-Girl quitting Kick-Ass looks for other superheroes to team-up with, joining Justice Forever. Meanwhile The Red Mist becomes a villain now called the Mother F***er, creating his own villain army.


This was a great film, and although it wasn't as good as the first film, it was still very good. This film was a bit slower than the first film, as it would develop the characters more, showing how they are coping in this new world that they have created. There was a few positives to this, as it added depth, and emotion, but at the same time it took a bit of the energy out of the film, making it feel less lighthearted than the first, and more serious. This film would also see a different directer, as with Matthew Vaughn not being able to direct (opting to work on an adaptation of another Mark Millar comic, The Secret Service), Jeff Wadlow would take over directing duties, also writing the script for the film. Wadlow did a good job of directing this film, but it wasn't quite as good as Vaughn's directing from the first film, not feeling as explosive, or unique.

The cast in this film was great, with both returning, and new cast members being brilliant in their roles. Aaron Taylor-Johnson once again did a brilliant job as Kick-Ass, as although I felt it a bit of a sudden change to have him bulked out, he got back into the character perfectly, doing an awesome job. Chloë Grace Moretz also once again did a great job as Hit-Girl, especially with the changes in this film, as did Christopher Mintz-Plasse with Red Mist/Motherf***er. New cast members included Jim Carrey doing an amazing job as Colonel Stars, Lindy Booth as Night-Bitch, John Leguizamo as Javier, Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity, as well as others, who were all tremendous in their respective roles.

Hit-Girl or Normal-Girl?
One of the main changes in this story was Hit-Girl giving up the superhero lifestyle, and trying to lead a normal life, as well as trying to fit in at school. This was something that interested me in the comics, as although I loved seeing Hit-Girl go about decapitating criminal, considering the circumstances of the end of both the first series, and film it'd make sense to go in this direction. I also found it slightly amusing seeing her adapt to this new life, and how she went the extra lengths to fit in with the girls at her school, even if though these scenes dragged on at times. It was however also interesting to see her still have the Hit-Girl mindset in the background, and that although she's trying to change, deep down she's still Hit-Girl.

The other transformation in this film was of Chris D'Amico who would transform himself in this film from the superhero that he was, named Red Mist, to the supervillain that he now is, calling himself the Motherf***er. Now I felt that the transformation in the comics was handled brilliantly, and although it was still good in this film, it was totally different, at times feeling like a complete joke. I did however feel that this played to Christopher Mintz-Plasse's acting skills, as it seems much more natural seeing him in a comic state, opposed to a serious one, and although I would have preferred this transformation to be closer to the comics, doing that may not have worked on film. The group that he would form was also interesting, and I especially loved seeing Mother Russia in this film.

The main new character in this film was Colonel Stars and Stripes, the leader of the superhero team that Kick-Ass would join named Justice Forever. When I heard that comic legend Jim Carrey would be playing the Colonel I was a little sceptical, as I couldn't imagine him playing the part, and his last few movies have been very poor. I have however changed my mind after seeing this film, as he was perfect in the role, managing to play this cool, and serious guy, whilst also being able to add some great comic relief. I also loved how he change his voice for the film, as he felt more like the character that way. The only gripe I had with the Colonel in this film however was that it would have been nicer if he actually did more, as he didn't really do much. I am however very happy that Carrey played this role, as despite all his controversial complaints he was surprisingly the perfect choice for the role.

Colonel Stars and Stripes and Justice Forever

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the first film was all the action that it had, and although this film was slower than the first, not quite having as many action scenes, the ones that it did have were amazing. Everything from Kick-Ass teaming with Doctor Gravity, to Justice Forever roaming the streets, and right to the final showdown between Kick-Ass and the Motherf***er was amazing, but that last scene with Kick-Ass' army against Motherf***er's was amazing, and very explosive, and exciting. I especially enjoyed seeing Hit-Girl take on Mother Russia, but the Kick-Ass/Motherf***er fight, and all the other carnage between was amazing as well, making for a cool final fight scene.

Heroes and Villains

There is also a post-credit scene in this film, so don't leave when the credits start (unless you don't care for post-credit scenes).

Final Verdict

This was a terrific film, and although not quite as good as the first, being a little slow, and not as unique, it was still very humorous, with some amazing action scenes. It also had great character development as well, and was really enjoyable. Due to all this I'd recommend seeing this film, but if you are expecting it to surpass the first then you may be disappointed.

Rating: 4/5