Friday, 2 August 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16 Review

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Timothy Green II

This has been a very good series, and I have really enjoyed it, but this issue is disappointing. Scott Lobdell has done a brilliant job making this series very fun, but there have been a few imperfections along the way, and a few disappointments.


This issue sees Arsenal (Roy Harper) lead the Teen Titans, along with his fellow Outlaw, Starfire in rescuing all the people infected with Joker Venom. The only problem is that certain members of the Teen Titans aren't overly fond of having Arsenal bossing them around.


This was a very disappointing issue. I was expecting a lot, especially following a very decent start in the last issue, but unfortunately it didn't continue that way. I have always tried to give Lobdell the benefit of the doubt in the past, as although not all his writing has been brilliant, most of the time it's fun. He's really disappointed me, as I was hoping for an epic crossover between this series, and Teen Titians, but unfortunately it's been a bit of a mess. Although I liked seeing the Outlaws and the Teen Titans meet, it could have been much better, and could have had a lot more thought put into it. I do however hope that Lobdell puts this series back on track following this issue, as it's been a very good series so far, and I would hate to see it continue being this poor.

I wasn't too sure if I liked the art in this issue or not. Timothy Green II did do a great job, and I loved his art in the last issue, but I didn't as much this time. The way he draws both the Outlaws, and the Teen Titans is brilliant, and although it could have been better, it was still good. It was his art on the people infected with Joker Venom that I didn't like, as it looks too cartoonish, which doesn't suit the story, and very unrealistic. Although some people may like this style of art, I personally don't think it suits this issue, and would have preferred the Joker Venom infected left out, or a different artist. Green II did however do a decent job of putting detail in his artwork, and although it had it's few imperfections it was still very well done.

Although the story could have been better, I actually enjoyed seeing Arsenal take charge, and in a big way. I always expected to see him lead the Outlaws at one point or another, but I never expected him to lead the Teen Titans, let alone at the same time. I especially liked the way Arsenal reacted with the Teen Titans, and more so how they reacted back. It was interesting the clash in personalities between him, and Wonder Girl, as he was the person taking charge, whereas she was the person most of the Teen Titans looked at for leadership. The interaction I liked the most however was Arsenal, and Bunker, which was slightly amusing.

Starfire also had a decent presence in this issue, and I especially liked her interaction with Solstice. I would however have liked to have seen a bit more of her in this issue, as besides this most of the story focuses on Arsenal, and the Teen Titans.

There was also a couple of unexpected appearances in this issue from Deathstroke, and Hugo Strange. Although it was nice seeing them, it was a bit random, and could have waited till Death of the Family was over. I am however looking forward to seeing a further appearance of them in this series, and a little more explanation as to why they're making an appearance. I will also be disappointed if I have to wait a long time to see them in this series again, as it would make their appearance in this issue even more redundant.

I saved my biggest complaint till last, which is the fact that Red Hood (Jason Todd) doesn't make an appearance. Although I liked seeing a issue that had more spotlight on Roy, it didn't half come at a bad time. With a storyline like Death of the Family, which features Joker, it's the perfect opportunity to have Red Hood face Joker. With all the past they had, mainly Joker killing him, I was expecting a brilliant story, and the fact he's barely made an appearance, and no effort in the story so far upsets me. All I can hope for is that both Red Hood, and Red Robin (Tim Drake) have a huge part in Teen Titans #16 which is out next week, and that this disappointing crossover ends with an epic bang.

Final Verdict

This was a very disappointing issue, and will defiantly disappoint Red Hood fans. I would only recommend this issue to anyone who's been following this series, or Death of the Family, but it would be pointless to get it otherwise, and isn't a good jumping on point. I would however also recommend it to anyone who's read Teen Titans #15, as although I personally disliked it they may like it, although I still caution them against it.

Rating: 2.5/5