Thursday 5 September 2013

All-New X-Men #11 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen

I've been loving this series since the start, and although it's not been the best Marvel NOW! series it has been one of my favourites, and it's one of the series I look most forward to reading. Last issue was however one of the poorest issues in the series, and I just hope that it turns itself back to being good.


One of the younger X-Men decide to join Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men, and the result causes disarray on the grounds of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, as the rest of the younger X-Men, and Wolverine's X-Men try to stop this younger X-Man from joining Cyclops.


Slightly better than the last issue, but I was expecting so much more. Overall Brian Michael Bendis has made me love X-Men comic's again, and although I decided I was only getting one X-Men series, due to the strength of this overall, as well as the good things I've heard about Uncanny X-Men I've decided to start getting it, and the issues I've missed. I do however hope that due to doing so many series that Bendis isn't pushing himself too much, as with this series, as well as Uncanny X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, and the Age of Ultron series' that's an awful lot for one writer at once, and I just hope that this isn't affecting the overall quality. This issue had it's good moments though, as having not read anything about Uncanny X-Men plot wise I didn't know until after reading this that the surprise in this issue had already been spoiled, so it was slightly surprising to me. There was also some interesting action, and although at times it was all over the place, it still added excitement, but besides the shock, and the action I've just felt that the this issue, as well as the last issue have been slow, and could have been done in the same issue. Besides all this however it was still interesting, if not amazing, and I just hope that it picks up the pace next issue, and goes back to the fun, exciting series I've enjoyed reading.

The art from Stuart Immonen was once again amazing, and although I personally still prefer David Marquez' artwork, it's still nice that Immonen's back, as his art is truly wonderful, and I love seeing his art, whereas I'll also still get to see Marquez' art on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Anyway, Immonen's art on this issue was fantastic, and the detail was brilliant. The way he drew all the character's involved was like usual outstanding, but this time round there was the odd awkward facial expression, especially from the likes of the Stepford Cuckoo's. The layout, and action however was phenomenal, as it really added more drama, and excitement to the issue, and at times was also very dynamic. Besides the fact that the layout in general was amazing, adding drama, the more shocking moments were better, as they also added ton's of suspense, as well as drama. Although I said there was the odd awkward expression, the rest of the facial expressions were handled brilliantly, with ton's of emotion, as you could really see what the character's were feeling, whether anger from Wolverine, or frustration from Kitty Pryde, which was amazing.

The main focus of this issue was on who would join Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men. We already knew that the Stepford Cuckoo's joined last issue, but it was still left open as to who would join them from these younger X-Men. As I said I know nothing about the plot of Uncanny, having only read the ratings, and hearing that it's good, but I have heard from other reviews on this issue that the surprise was spoiled, as the member in question was shown in a recent issue of Uncanny. Now I won't name the person as to avoid spoiling for anyone that was like me, and didn't know, but I will say what I thought of this surprise. To be honest this wasn't actually the first person I thought would join Cyclops' X-Men, but after they were revealed I realised that the things that have happened to this person makes them the perfect person to change sides.

The effects this decision had was as you'd expect catastrophic, as Wolverine's X-Men, as well as the remaining younger X-Men were shocked, and upset about this decision, trying to make the person change their mind, and stay with them. The minor action that would come out of this was also brilliant, as although it was slightly all over the place, it did add more excitement to what was in general a slow, and sequence, that was also slightly dull. The way that Kitty, and Wolverine, as well as Cyclops, and his team reacted over this was also interesting, as there were a lot of different thoughts going about, and although the Uncanny X-Men didn't want the younger X-Men here, they'd rather look after them themselves if they are going to stay.

This issue also showed Mystique continue her attempt at putting blame on Wolverine and the younger X-Men, as she and her team attack Stark Resilient. Now this wasn't as impactful, or entertaining as the other attempt Mystique made to put blame on Wolverine, and the younger X-Men, but it was still interesting. I do however just wish that it'd get onto actually having Wolverine's X-Men, and the younger X-Men confront Mystique, as it's really just going at a snails pace, and I'm sure that this was probably only added to continue the build-up, as well as reminding readers that Mystique's still plotting.


There's a minor spoiler in the next couple of paragraph's as this one will make it clear on one person who didn't join Cyclop's Uncanny X-Men, and the paragraph that follows will also spoil a surprise appearance at the end of the issue. After the person who joined Cyclop's team made their decision, the younger Jean Grey wasn't happy about this, and was going to use her newly acquired psychic powers to stop them, but the Stepford Cuckoo's would step in. Now I'm not the biggest fans of the Cuckoo's but this was brilliant, and very interesting, as with the new attitude Jean's got she really needs taken down a peg. I've also felt that her learning these new abilities without Professor X's presence hasn't helped, and this goes to show just how much of an influence he was on his students.

As I said there is another spoiler in this paragraph, so be warned. The ending of this issue was brilliant, as it showed the Avengers Unity Squad make an appearance. Now Captain America, and the normal Avengers team made an appearance in issue 8, but for this team to make an appearance is much more interesting, especially considering Cyclops' brother Havok is their leader, as well as Wolverine being a member. There appearance has to be over Mystiques antics, as with everyone believing that their being attacked by Wolverine, and the younger X-Men doesn't show well for them being in the present, and I'm sure the Avengers Unity Squad will have something big to say next issue. Just hope that it's not a slow issue like the last couple. Another thing about their appearance that was slightly annoying was that they were refereed to as the Uncanny Avengers, as although that's the series they feature in, and using the logo makes for a more impactful touch, their meant to be called the Avengers Unity Squad in the comics, which kind of makes things confusing, but that's only a small thing.

Final Verdict

This was another slow issue, and although slightly better than the previous issue, the overall story seems do be going at a crawl. The revelation of the younger X-Man to join Cyclops' team was interesting, but people who read Uncanny X-Men will already know. There were also some interesting things in this issue, and the progress of Mystique's plot is shaping up nicely, and the shocking ending has me excited for the next issue. I'd still recommend this, especially if you've been getting the series so far, as it was still interesting, and the series as a whole has been fantastic, but if you're a new reader I'd recommend waiting till next issue now.

Rating: 3/5

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