Wednesday 11 September 2013

Batman Incorporated #13 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Burnham

This has been one of my favourite series as of late, with Grant Morrison's Batman run being the best that I've read, and with this being the last issue I will be sad to see it end, and I will miss his amazing Batman stories (hopefully he may return some day).


Batman and Talia al Ghul finally square of against each other, with the fate of Gotham City in the balance.


This was an amazing issue, and it was a terrific way to end the series. This may not have been quite how I expected the series to end (I expected something a little more spectacular), it was still brilliant, and Grant Morrison did a phenomenal job. He managed to add some fabulous action, whilst also adding symbolism, and emotion, which was brilliant. He also handled this issue in a perfect way, so as it's an obvious end to his run, whilst keeping the door open for future Bat tales, and overall was very appropriate considering the circumstances. Morrison also did an excellent job of revealing the remaining mysteries in this series, and I will seriously miss his work on the Caped Crusader.

Chris Burnham did a phenomenal job of the artwork on this issue, and he certainly kept his best to last, as although his art throughout the series has been amazing, this was something else. The detail in Burnham's art was simply outstanding, looking perfect all the way through, with his gritty tone suiting the story perfectly as usual. The action was also outstanding, being very dramatic, as well as dynamic, and exciting, with plenty of tone. Burnham also once again did an amazing job with the layouts of this issue, adding yet more drama, as well as depth, and tone, and was perfect for this final issue. It was also nice that Morrison did the art for this issues variant cover, as it was so appropriate considering it's the end of his run.

This issue was narrated in a unique, and appropriate way, being the memoir of Commisioner James Gordon. I found this to be a brilliant way of ending Morrison's run, as who besides possibly the Bat-Family knows Batman better that Commisoner Gordon? I found the dialogue between the two characters to be outstanding, having plenty of depth, and meaning, whilst also adding suspense, and drama, which was all perfect. I also loved how this left the question of what Batman, and Bruce Wayne's futures will be, having tons of symbolism behind it, which was very appropriate.

The big fight that has this series, along with the last Batman, Incorporated series, as well as Morrison's Batman run in general has been setting up finally happens, with former lovers Batman, and Talia Al Ghul squaring off. To be honest there was no other way to end this series, especially considering the events that have happened during this series, and I'm glad Morrison didn't hold back. Besides this the fight itself was outstanding, as although it may not be the best fight of the series, it was perfect for this issue. I did however question why Batman kissed Talia, as although they have history I would have thought that would have meant nothing after her having Damian killed.

The mystery woman who was shown during last issue was also revealed in this issue, though I won't reveal who it was as to avoid spoilers. I will however say that her timing in this story couldn't have been better, adding yet more drama, and atmosphere to the issue. I also loved the shock on Batman's face, as well as the overall tone off her appearance, and hope that this will have some development in another series, as it'd be a bit of a waste otherwise.

Final Verdict

This was a fantastic issue, and the perfect way to end the series, as although it may not have been as shocking as I expected, it had the right tone, and atmosphere that this issue needed. It also had some great action, and dialogue, as well as some brilliant symbolism, and I will sadly miss seeing Morrison work on Batman, though great things must end. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue, as whether you've been following this series, or enjoyed a few stories from Morrison's run, it's worth seeing how it ended.

Rating: 5/5

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