Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Justice League #22 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis

This has been a brilliant series over the last couple of years, and although it's not always been amazing, it's usually been good. It is however this crossover that excites me more, as I've been looking forward to it since it was teased in The New 52 FCBD Special Edition last June.


As Shazam (Billy Batson) heads to Kahndaq to scatter Black Adam's ashes, he is intercepted by the Justice League, who in turn are intercepted by the Justice League of America.


This was an amazing issue, and a brilliant way to start to Trinity War. Geoff Johns has done an amazing job of starting this story, making it both suspenseful, as well as exciting. I also loved how added to the suspense was a layer of mystery, with some action not necessarily being clean cut, leaving questions opened. I also feel that Johns has moved on perfectly from all the set-up in both Justice League, and Justice League of America, with even the conclusion of the Shazam back-ups playing a role. The action was also handled perfectly, though there was the odd controversial moment that will rile some people up, though I personally think that adds to the drama, and suspense.

The art from Ivan Reis was as usual, amazing, and I'm extremely happy that he's returned for this story. The detail in his work is simply outstanding, with very few imperfections, which are usually in character's that are in the distance. Reis' layouts were also brilliant, adding more depth to the story, as well as adding to the overall tone, and drama. Where Reis excels though is in his action sequences, as he draws some of the most explosive action sequences that I've ever seen in comics. Reis also does a fabulous job with the character's, and especially showing their feeling, and emotions, with the facial expressions being extraordinarily good.

This issue started with a woman visiting Madame Xanadu who whilst reading her fortune cards learns of the upcoming Trinity War. Now this was a nice way to start the issue, and with the story apparently being centred around magic, and the Trinity of Sin it was fitting to have a magical character start the story off. The sequence itself also added some suspense, and mystery to the issue, giving the issue that much more of an atmosphere. It also acts as a brilliant way to introduce the Justice League Dark into the series, as although she left them at the end of the last issue of Justice League Dark, she's bound to be the reason for them joining this fight.

The way that Shazam was introduced into this story, and how he inadvertently caused the start of this war was nice, making the conclusion to his back-up story much more impactful, as well as a brilliant way of introducing him into the DCnU properly. I also loved how during this you could still tell that there was a kid controlling this metahuman, and it was interesting to see Shazam, and Superman square off, and how Shazam reacted to that.

Now what I was waiting for in this story was to see the two Justice League's square off, and although the issue builds up to this, we get to see the start of the fight in this issue. Now this is brilliant, as it means that readers don't have to wait to see the teams square off. It does however give Johns an interesting task of pacing this fight, and I'm sure he'll find ways to have breaks that will make the story stretch the six issues. I also loved how there was a little controversy in this fight, and although it's bound to make people upset, I feel it adds more excitement.

Final Verdict

This was a amazing issue, and the best that this series has seen since Throne of Atlantis. It was very exciting, with suspense, and drama evened out through the issue, with some mystery added in. It also had some amazing action, and some questionable events, making me want to read the next part of this story even more than I would have before this issue. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue as it's amazing, and exciting. It also appears to be a vital story for the future of the DCnU so I'd even recommend it to non JL, JLA, or JLD fans.

Rating: 5/5

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