Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Marvel's Avengers Alliance Video Game Reveals Thane Son of Thanos

It appears that Playdom's Facebook game Avengers Alliance has revealed the identity of a key character from Infinity. This character is none other than the son of Thanos who's name is Thane.

The character was revealed as one of two unlockable characters for the current Special Op mission, with the other unlockable character being Black Bolt. He is stated to be a mysterious ally of the Inhumans who arrived during Thanos' invasion of earth. Thane can be obtained by collecting lockboxes that contain specific in game items. Once all these items are collected, and Thane is unlocked you're give more information from his bio:
“I used to be just a man. Just another healer, nobody of consequence, plying my trade among my people. And then Thanos arrived. How did I get these horrible powers? Why? Did they come from him? All I know is that just as he came to Earth, I... changed. Suddenly I had the power of life and death in my hands. But I could not control it, and the people around me paid the price. Everyone that I had once healed, everyone I knew... dead. I ran before I could kill again, only to find an even greater murderer in my path. Thanos and his lieutenants were coming... for me. This Thanos creature... what does he want from me? If I give myself up to him, will he stop killing people? Or will he just use my powers to kill even more? I need someone to help me understand what I am... what I've become. Is that you, Agent? Do you think you can control death itself? I doubt it. But the truth is, I have no other choice. I cannot go back to the way I was, and I cannot go to Thanos. That leaves me with you. But I warn you. Try to use my powers for evil, and I'll show you what they can do... in abundance.”
Thane as He Appears in the Game