Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Savage Wolverine #4 Review

Writer/Artist: Frank Cho

This has been an amazing series, and although it started a little slow, it's gotten better and better. Unfortunately however due to my comic book budget I won't be able to get two Wolverine series, and although I've preferred this so far, with Frank Cho leaving both writing and artwork after this story there's no guarantee that it will be as good, and I have more faith in what I've read from Paul Cornell's Wolverine series, that in what the possible future of this one will be after Cho leaves.


Amadeus Cho persuaded the native leader to save Shanna, and they plan on using Man-Thing to do that. Also Wolverine continues his journey to the temple, and hopes to get revenge for Shanna's death on the way.


This series just keeps getting better and better, as although this issue started a little slow, it was still very emotional, and when it did pick up on pace it was phenomenal. I really think that Frank Cho has done an amazing job with this story, and although I was sceptical at first, I've came to love it more and more with each passing issue. What I love about Cho's writing is that it's not only deep, and emotional, with a mysterious overtone, but it's also exciting, as he knows when to add in action, and he doesn't give small portions, as the action is epic, and amazing. I've also loved how Cho's managed to show a new side to the Savage Land, as although there's been some amazing stories told using the Savage Land as the setting, none that have as much mystery centred around the island itself. Cho's art was also phenomenal, but before getting this series I knew that it would, as whatever Cho's drawn has been amazing. The detail in Cho's art is brilliant, as everything's perfect, whether the scenery, the character's, or even the more unusual subjects, like Man-Thing. I've said this in my precious reviews, but I've loved the way he's drawn Shanna, as she doesn't just look beautiful, but also very independent. Cho also does an amazing job of showing the character's emotions, and especially in Wolverine, and Shanna, as you can see the anger, and frustration in Wolverine when he's fighting, and you can see innocents, as well as determination in Shanna as well, which is brilliant. Jason Keith's colours are also once again amazing, as they really make Cho's artwork look even better than they already are, and also add the perfect tone, and mood for this style of story.

The shocking death of Shanna in the last issue was brilliant, and very suspenseful, even if I wasn't happy with the fact that she was dead. She didn't stay dead long though, as using Man-Thing she is resurrected. This was a very interesting way of resurrecting someone, but not really knowing much about Man-Thing I don't know if he's done this in the past. I also found the way Shanna reacted after being resurrected very interesting, and the interaction between herself, Amadeus, and the native leader to be very interesting.

Besides resurrecting Shanna I didn't see much need for Man-Thing, and although his appearance was nice, it could have been much better. I did however find the question over whether this is the same Man-Thing that has featured throughout the course of the Marvel Universe as we know it, or if there are more than one. This fact was mentioned by Amadeus, and it got me curious, which is a good thing, as it adds yet another factor to the mysterious nature of this story, which is brilliant. I do however hope that Man-Thing plays a role in the next issue, as it would feel a bit unnecessary to have him in this one, as although it was a nice appearance, and that he was what brought Shanna back to life, I'm pretty sure that there could have been other methods for that.

Although this hasn't been the best appearance from Amadeus, with his characteristics being slightly questionable, I've still enjoyed seeing him in this story, and it's nice that he's working as a middle man, controlling the situation, and preventing as much violence as possible. I've also liked how he has as A.I. unit called Calvin with him, as it seems that every smart person has A.I. unit these days, so why not Amadeus. Talking about smart people although this is a slightly different Amadeus we've seen in this story, it's been nice that he's been using his brain more instead of getting enthralled in the adventure, as although it would have still been nice to see that, it makes more sense for the way this story's developed, and gives a better structure. I've also loved seeing Amadeus and the native leader interacting throughout this story, and some of the things they've discussed have been interesting, and others slightly humorous.

The thing however that makes this issue the best in the series so far, and phenomenal is the Wolverine sequence, as it's nothing short of epic. Basically Wolverine's continuing the task that he, ans Shanna set on, and when natives get involved he sees that as his opportunity to get revenge. Cho can't half draw a brilliant fight sequence, as although his art in general is phenomenal, this is by far the best but, as it's very entertaining and exciting, whilst also being dramatic. The fight was also very brutal, and it's one of the best fight sequences I've seen in a Wolverine series, especially considering he's the only noticeable character involved. I won't go into detail about the fight, as I don't want to spoil it, but there were also a few surprises that made it even more exciting, making the fight even better. I also loved seeing this savage side to Wolverine, and although the story's set on the Savage Land, the fact that Wolverine is vicious, and savage, makes the title more appropriate.

The ending was also brilliant, and although I won't spoil it for anyone that doesn't know it (people who've seen the cover for the next issue will probably guess) has me really excited for the conclusion in the next issue.

Final Verdict

This series has really surprised me, and it just keeps getting better and better, with this issue being phenomenal. It's not only interesting, but keeps the mysterious nature of the story flowing smoothly, and the action sequence near the end was epic, and brutal. I would highly recommend both this issue, and the series, and at this rate I'm expecting a phenomenal conclusion.

Rating: 5/5