Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Uncanny X-Men #1 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Chris Bachalo

I originally wasn't going to get this series, hence the reason I'm reviewing it so late. I did however decide to get it as it had decent reviews, but the main reason was the upcoming Battle of the Atom crossover which features this.


When a mysterious man turns up at an unknown S.H.I.E.L.D. location, asking for Maria Hill, he gets his wish, and is here to talk about Cyclops, and his mutant revolution.


This was a great issue, and a brilliant start for the series, but it just felt a bit lacking in certain areas. Brian Michael Bendis did a great job of starting this series, and although it's nothing like his other X-Men series, All-New X-Men, it was still interesting, and something different. Although it took another series to continue the story of Cyclop's X-Men, it was nice to have finally seen it, and how Bendis has developed them into their own unique series, as although they're not my favourite X-Men, it was a bit disappointing to see them suddenly no longer make a regular appearance in All-New X-Men. Another thing Bendis did brilliantly in this issue was add mystery, and in the right way, as it once again made this series stick out from All-New X-Men, whilst also keep me as a reader intrigued. Bendis also did a decent job of the action, as although it took a while to come, when it did the issue got much more livelier, which was good, as it was starting to become slightly dull prior to that. The dialogue in this issue although not perfect was also decent, and I especially loved the dialogue from the new mutants, which was really entertaining.

The art in this issue was also surprisingly good, and although I'm not a fan of Chris Bachalo, going as far as to hate it in certain series', it actually was very good in this, and really suited the tone, and style of the story. Now I'm still not won over to Bachalo's style, far from it, I just can't deny that there were parts of his art during this issue that I did enjoy. The thing about his art that most appealed to me had to be the layout, as it really added more depth, and drama to the issue, making it stand out more. I also loved how he drew certain character's like Maria Hill, and the X-Men, as although others look a bit weird (as do these character's at certain times) they looked much more realistic than most character's that Bachalo draws. It was however still far from perfect, as he still seemed to have problems drawing people side on, as well as drawing some funny looking ears, and although this was an improvement, there were still parts that were inconsistent. I also loved how he handled the action, as although it got a bit rough at times, it did give more excitement, and drama to the issue, whilst also giving some impact to it as well. The colouring that was also done by Bachalo was also fantastic, and one of the best things about his artwork, as it really made it stand out more, being very vibrant, and adding a great tone to the issue.

The issue starts with Maria Hill getting a call about an important visitor, who wants to talk about Cyclops. Now although it became clear early on in this issue, I loved how there was a aura of mystery about him, as although I got it early I'm sure there'd be some readers that wouldn't get it till the end. The conversation between this mysterious man, and Hill was also very interesting, and although these sequences slowed the pace of the issue down a lot, it was also where most of the drama came from. The fact that this person came to talk about Cyclops was another interesting fact, and one that would play a them throughout the issue, which again added drama, and mystery, as well as a little bit of suspense.

Now I know that I've seen this in All-New X-Men issues, and other issues to feature Cyclops' X-Men since this issue was released, as well as the concept art prior to Marvel NOW!, but I felt this would be the best time to say how I felt on the subject. I am of course talking about the new costumes that Cyclops' X-Men are wearing. When I first saw what they'd be wearing I felt sceptical, as it didn't really appeal to me on first glance, especially Magneto, who's helmet looked too small for him. After reading the issue however I have a different opinion finding it a quite clever, and interesting look for the team, as they stand out much more than the other X-Men, and they look more darker, showing that they are now the bad boy, rebels. It was however the uniforms of the students, Tempus, and Christopher Muse that stood out to me more. I also wasn't too sure on Cyclops' new uniform, as although I can see reasons to make his visor an X, it still doesn't feel right to me. I do however like how he stands out as leader, being the only one with red in their uniform.

This issue also continued to show new mutants, with Cyclops, and his X-Men continuing the work they started in All-New X-Men. The Marvel Universe having new mutants was one of the best things to have came out of Avengers vs. X-Men, and the fight between the government, and Cyclops' X-Men has been something I've been looking forward to. Now we didn't get to see any of this in this issue, but the fact that Cyclops is still set on "saving" as many new mutants as he can is brilliant, and just asks for friction. I also loved the reaction that we got from the new mutant, Fabio Medina, and how he was so freaked out about his new powers, and the fact that Cyclops, and the X-Men were here, which was very amusing.

Another story development that has been brought forward from All-New X-Men has been the fact that Cyclops, and the adult X-Men in his team are having trouble with their powers. To be honest it's been that long since I've read anything that's featured Cyclops, or his X-Men mainly in that long that I forgot about them having trouble with their powers. I did however like that it was continued in this issue, as it was a development that I found interesting at the time, and although this issue didn't go too far into that, I'm sure the series will in due course, and I look forward to seeing it.

We also got some action in this issue, as whilst Cyclops, and his X-Men arrived to help Fabio, the Sentinels arrived. Now every X-Men fan in the world is bound to love a good X-Men/Sentinel fight, and although this was far from the best, it was still very entertaining, and explosive. Another thing that made this fight more interesting was the fact that all of Cyclops' X-Men bar the students had problems with their powers, which would make the fight that more unique. I also loved the dialogue between the different members of Cyclops' X-Men during this, and it really made the sequence that much more lively, and dramatic.

Final Verdict

A decent start to the series, this issue shows Cyclops continuing to help the new mutants during his revolution. The issue had drama, excitement, fun, and action, and was truly a decent start to the series. It was however slightly slow at times, with the pacing being inconsistent, and the issue as a whole was lacking in overall quality. I would however recommend it, as it was a good read, and I'm sure the series will get better.

Rating: 4/5