Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Uncanny X-Men #8 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Chris Bachalo

This has been surprisingly an amazing series, as although I initially didn't get it cause I felt it'd not be good, after hearing the good things about it I decided to get the back issues, and the series since. I'm glad I've done so as it's been amazing, and although not always brilliant fairly consistent.


Back from Limbo (Hell) the X-Men deal with Fabio Medina wanting to leave the team, as well as helping another mutant.


This was a great issue, and continues with the series' consistency. Brian Michael Bendis once again did a great job with this issue, as although it was generally much slower than most issues, it dealt with a lot of the tension that has built up over the series, with the emotion that comes with that, and although the slowness hurts the overall quality of the issue, the emotion, and dialogue makes up a certain amount of that. The issue didn't lack excitement, as although it didn't have any real fighting, or action it did have suspense, and drama, which made up for that, and although the lack of action was disappointing, it was nice to let the story step back for a moment.

Chris Bachalo returned to arts this issue after Frazer Irving took over for three issue. Now I've never been a huge fan of Bachalo's art, usually disliking it, but I have liked it on this series, as although it's not won me over, it has suited the series. They layout of his art is simply wonderful, as it really adds to the drama of the issue, making it feel that much more realistic. The emotions were also handled brilliantly, as although there was some awkwardness at times, it was extremely good for most of the issue. The fact that Bachalo does his own colours also really helps, as it gives him more control over the final work, which has ton's of tone, and depth.

This issue would see Fabio decide that he no longer wants to be with the X-Men, seeing fighting the liked of the Avengers, and Dormammu as too much for him, wanting to go home. This was a very nice development in the series, and although it was obvious that this wouldn't be the last we'll see of Fabio it sets-up future story points perfectly. I also really enjoyed seeing Fabio explaining that he was a mutant to his parents, and although this was a bit of a slow sequence, it had some really intense moments, with amazing dialogue.

This issue would also see a continuation of the development of the new mutant who can control cars named, David Bond who was introduced in issue 6. This was a very interesting, and exciting sequence, and I loved how it showed how certain police officers see mutants, which added more impact, and drama. I also found the way that the X-Men got involved to be interesting, as well as the actions of his girlfriend, and look forward to seeing the future development of this mutant.

The cover of this issue suggested that we'd get a fight between Cyclops, and Magneto, but unfortunately we didn't. Instead what we got was a discussion as to how they'll fix their powers, which followed the question of trust. Now this was very interesting, and the dialogue was once again perfect. The fact that there was no action was also probably the right decision as with all the teams been through in the short time frame this series has been in all the character's need a brake from action. At the same time I was still slightly disappointed, and this series has built-up possible fights that haven't met the mark, or in this case even happen, which isn't right, as although a part of me feels it was the right decision to have this not happen, it shouldn't have been advertised that way.

Final Verdict

This was a very interesting issue with some amazing dialogue. It also had ton's of drama, and suspense, and despite the lack of action it was a very good, and impactful issue. The cover is however misleading, so don't buy this expecting a big fight between Cyclops, and Magneto as you'll be disappointed. I would however still recommend this issue, as it was a nice break from action, but for people who are tight on cash, or sceptical about jumping on I'd recommend skipping this issue.

Rating: 4/5

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