Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wolverine #2 Review

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis

I've been a huge Wolverine fan for years, but after the disappointing end to the previous Wolverine series I was a bit sceptical over the new ones. I eventually decided to try both this series, and Savage Wolverine, and am very happy that I have as I've been enjoying both.


Wolverine continues trailing a child that's somehow being possessed, and lands up bumping into Nick Fury Jr.


This was a good continuation from the last issue, and although it's still not quite perfect, or as good as Savage Wolverine it's still showing ton's of promise, and is still very interesting, and exciting. Although I say it's not as good as Savage Wolverine so far, there has been more issues of that, and on average this has been better over than the first two issue in that series. Paul Cornell has continued to intrigue me with this story, and although it's slightly slow, and not quite as developed as I'd have hoped for at the half way mark, it's still interesting, and entertaining. I also like how the story's very mysterious, and this seems to be the theme for Wolverine the now, as with him mysteriously getting trapped on the Savage Land in Savage Wolverine, and this mystical possession story in this, it's a very weird world that Wolverine's in. But weird doesn't mean bad. I also liked the emotion throughout this issue, as with the sudden change in characteristics from the boy, and the whole mysteriousness surrounding that, as well as the concern and frustration of Wolverine, it makes for quite a suspenseful, and emotional tale, that's also very dramatic.

The art was once again fantastic, and Alan Davis continues to amaze me with his fabulous artwork. I've loved Davis' art for years, having enjoyed it on such things like The Mighty Thor, Captain America, Avengers: Prime, and when I heard he was working on this series I was ecstatic, with that being the final thing that drove me to buying the first issue (as I was disappointed with the end of the last series and wanted to wait a bit before getting this one). I just love Davis' style, and the fact that it's never changed over the years, and although some of his artwork looks slightly cartoon like at times, it's still brilliant, and one of the things I love about his art. The way he draws all the characters is also brilliant, and especially Wolverine, as makes the Ol' Canucklehead look fierce, and powerful, whilst also showing that he cares. I also love the way he draws emotions, especially on the possessed boy, as he looks so timid, whist also looking emotionless at times, which is brilliant. The detail in Davis' art is also amazing, as everything is superbly detailed, and I especially liked the detail in the disintegrating people, as it looked so gory, without being too scary looking. Matt Hollingsworth also done another wonderful job on the colouring of this issue, as he's really seemed to find the right tone for this series, and it works perfectly with Davis' artwork, making the final piece look even more amazing.

The ending of the last issue was amazing, especially finding out that now the young boy was the maniac, and that he was clearly possessed. Now possession isn't a rare thing in the world of Wolverine, and any Wolverine fan could tell you that he himself has been possessed more times than you would probably imagine possible, so it was nice to see a possession story in a Wolverine comic were Wolverine wasn't the person being possessed. This is the thing that I feel makes this story so unique, and Cornell has done an amazing job of making it very mysterious, whilst also showing ton's of emotion.

Now the person possession the boy is a different thing altogether, and it's this mystery that intrigues me the most. It was obvious that the boy was being possessed at the end of last issue, and although I didn't think the same about his father earlier, it was clear when the exact same thing happened to his son. Now I think of anyone guesses who's doing this will be extremely clever, as there isn't a great deal to go on besides the fact that whoever/whatever's possessing these people's using the gun. From the look of the gun it appears that this could be an alien, and from the way the boy talked whilst possessed, he appeared to not be a bit unfamiliar with his environment, and the way people act, which indicates an alien of some sort. What this thing is though is still a mystery, but I look forward to finding out.

There was a two page sequence at the start of the issue that also showed some people talking very strangely, and these people, which include police officers shoot a member of the group, who's surprised to see cops. This is brilliant, as it adds more mystery to the story without taking too much away from the main development. It also leads to question whether these people are being possessed by the same thing('s), or just working for them. Either way this should also be interesting when it develops, and it's left me more curious to read more.

Nick Fury Jr. also featured in this issue, and with his father, Nick Fury appearing in Age of Ultron #5 it seems to be the week of Fury's. Now I don't actually know anything about Nick Fury Jr., as although I know he's the son of the original Nick Fury, and that he's featured in both Battle Scars, as well as the new Secret Avengers series, having not read any of them I don't really know much about the character. I have however seen him in the Marvel NOW! Point One issue, but that's hardly enough to understand a character properly. Anyway, I really liked his appearance in this issue, and the way he interacted with Wolverine was brilliant, and at certain points entertaining. I especially liked how Wolverine addressed him as, " Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.," which was brilliant as it was so formal, and it also reminded me of the Wolverine story with a similar name (Wolverine: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.). I am however really looking forward to seeing what Nick Fury Jr. has to bring to this series, and I think that this may be a brilliant teaming.

The end of this issue was also awesome, and although I won't spoil it for anyone, I will say that I can't wait for the next issue.

Final Verdict

This series is seriously becoming really good, and it won't be long before it becomes amazing. This issue itself was very fun, and dramatic, and the storyline itself is very mysterious, having my full curiosity. Also with the addition of Nick Fury Jr. to this story it shows signs of also become a brilliant team-up story. I would highly recommend it, and the previous issue, and am seriously looking forward to the next issue.

Rating: 4/5