Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wolverine #8 Review

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis

This series has been up and down in my opinion, as although there have been some enjoyable moments, it has been fairly average, and at times disappointing. I have however enjoyed the concept, and there has been brilliant moments, and I hope that this new story will be the great story this series needs.


Wolverine, Storm, Nick Fury Jr., and Victoria Von Frankenstein head to Wakanda to find The Host in hopes to finding a solution to the virus that is infecting people. Whilst on this mission however Wolverine, and Black Panther come to blows.


This was a very good issue, and although the series is still not quite at the level I hoped that it'd be by now, it looks to be getting there, showing a lot of promise in this issue. Paul Cornell did a good job with the writing in this issue, as it was much more exciting than it has been of late. The dialogue during this issue was also extremely interesting, and I loved how Cornell showed the continuation of the relationship that Wolverine, and Storm are in, whilst keeping it subtle, not allowing it to take over the issue. Cornell also did a wonderful job with the action in this issue, which was very dynamic, and exciting, though I did feel that the momentum was drained a bit whenever it'd jump back, and forward in time.

I loved the art in this issue, and was extremely happy to see that Alan Davis was back on the artwork, as although Mirco Pierfederici's art was growing on me, it was nothing compared to Davis' amazing artwork. The detail in Davis' art is simply outstanding, with everything looking perfect. The two main things that I liked about Davis art in this issue was the layout, and the action sequences. The layout gave a very dynamic tone to the issue, adding depth as well, whereas the action simply amazed me, being very explosive, and exciting, with very fluent movements. I also loved the emotion in the characters, as although it felt a little stiff at times, it showed what the characters were feeling most of the time.

This issue would see Wolverine, and his team head to Wakanda, to find the Host. Now I love whenever Wakanda is involved in a story, but if I'm being honest when I heard that Wolverine would be heading here at the end of last issue I was very sceptical, feeling that it wasn't the right setting for him. I was however proved slightly wrong, as although I still wouldn't class Wakanda as the type of place to have a Wolverine issue set in, the way Cornell integrated the setting into his story was brilliant, and I loved how this shows how wide the virus has spread.

The main attraction in this issue however had to be the fight between Wolverine, and Black Panther. Again this was another thing that I was slightly sceptical over, especially due to Wolverine's current status, but it would turn out to be amazing, kicking the issue off with an outstanding, and explosive start. The dialogue between the two during this fight, as well as the fact that they are Storm's former, and current partner made it even more exciting, and interesting, adding much more depth, and drama to it, which was something I was hoping for.

The person that Wolverine's team would be looking for was the Host, who has the ability to control viruses. Now I don't know anything about the Host, with this being my first introduction to the character. I did however not learn much, as she didn't really do anything in the issue. It is however apparent that Wolverine's team believe that they can use the Host to destroy the virus, which is a very interesting idea. I also look forward to seeing who's side the Host will be on, and whether she'll help Wolverine's team, or turn on them, and hope that either way it's handled well.

Final Verdict

This was a very good issue, being one of the best the series has seen in a while. It is however not quite at the level I'd hoped for, as although there was explosive fight sequences, and interesting dialogue, the pace is still a little slow. It is however a step in the right direction, showing promise for the future of the story, and series. Due to all this I'd recommend this to anyone, as it's a great jumping on point for new readers, and had a brilliant fight sequence between Wolverine, and Black Panther.

Rating: 8/10

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