Friday, 6 September 2013

Young Avengers #5 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Jamie McKelvie & Mike Norton 

Although this series had a very poor start, last issue was very enjoyable, and shows that the series can become a decent series, and I seriously hope that this promise continues in the next few issues, and hopefully even beyond that.


With Loki betraying them, the Young Avengers are left to face their parents alone. Meanwhile Loki has a fight with his conscience over whether to return and help the Young Avengers.


Following a very enjoyable last issue, the first story arc in the new Young Avengers series ended on a relative high note, and although the series is still a little of the level of quality that I'd hoped for, this along with the last issue has shown promise for the series. Kieron Gillen has certainly improved the quality of his work on this series, and although his Iron Man series is still slightly poor, he's starting to show that he's still the great writer that brought us the fabulous Journey into Mystery. Gillen did a brilliant job of showing that this series could be fun, and entertaining throughout this issue, and although it's still far from being perfect, it is a vast improvement, on the slow, and dull pacing the first few issues had. Gillen also did a fantastic job with the action in this issue, as it was very exciting, and entertaining, adding more drama, and suspense to the story, which was brilliant. I also liked how Gillen didn't add as much humour to this issue, and the humour that was added was very funny, and appropriate, whereas in the past it has felt slightly forced, and unnecessary. I also loved how despite all the fun, and excitement that went on in this issue, that Gillen still made room to continue developing the character's emotions, and it really added more depth to the issue, whilst also yet again adding more drama.

The art from Jamie McKelvie, and Mike Norton was once again brilliant, and their art on this issue has probably been their best in the series so far. To be honest the art has been what's impressed me the most about this series, as it's so unique, and different that it really grabs my attention, and even when the story's poor, the art always pleases, and just seems to get better, and better. One of the things that I love the most about McKelvie, and Norton's artwork is they layouts, which are spectacular, and really add another level of awesomeness to the series, whilst also making it much more dynamic. Besides that the character's are also drawn perfectly, and the style really suits the series, being very fun, and vibrant. The detail in the artwork was also brilliant, and the character's facial expressions were handled perfectly, with their emotions being easy to understand. The art on the action sequences was also nothing short of phenomenal, as it really made the sequences feel that much more dramatic, adding a lot more impact to them, as well as more excitement.

Now the rest of my review may not be as long as usual, as due to there being less happening in this issue, along with the fact that I don't want to give away any major spoilers makes it hard to write a review at the length I usually write. Anyway lets start with how the Young Avengers dealt with Loki's betrayal, and how Wiccan blamed himself for this. The betrayal by Loki in last issue was a shock, but not a surprsise, as although I knew Loki was up to something I didn't think he'd blatantly betray them, although it is Loki after all. I did enjoy the way the Young Avengers reacted to this, seeing themselves as sitting ducks, but it was the depressing reaction Wiccan had that I enjoyed the most, as it was full of emotion, and made you feel for him, as although you could say that he shouldn't be so emotional, it's understandable considering the circumstances.

As Loki was away he was meditating, and getting bugged by his conscience, which resembled the younger Loki. For people who didn't read Journey into Mystery, the younger Loki swallowed Ikol (which possessed the spirit of the evil Loki) to save Asgard, allowing evil Loki to once again walk among us. I loved how the young Loki still resides in his body featuring as a conscience, as although this feels awful similar to what happened with Peter Parker in Superior Spider-Man, it was nice to see that the younger Loki wasn't forgotten, and that he will still play a role in Loki's life, by making him feel guilty about his actions. I did however also love how unlike with Superior Spider-Man both the conscience of young Loki, and the evil version that's in control of the body got to interact, which made it much more fun, and interesting. This did however beg the question whether this would cause Loki to have a change of heart, and return and help the Young Avengers, but I won't answer that to avoid spoilers.

The issue would however see the Young Avengers have it all out against the group of parents, and although I won't reveal as to the outcome of the fight, or any details, I will say what I though of it, and whether it was a worthy fight to end the first story arc. Now the fight was epic, and very exciting. I really enjoyed how each member managed to bring their all, and along with the amazing art, it was truly amazing. I did however find the ending to be a bit abrupt, as although I won't say any details as to avoid spoilers, it was a bit unexpected, and kind of ruined the rest of the fight, which was a shame.

Final Verdict

This series is still far from being at the level I hoped it'd be, but it deviantly's showing improvement, and this was a very exciting, and entertaining issue. It was also very emotional at times, and had brilliant action, and although there were a couple of disappointing factors involved in this issue, in general it was very good, and I hope this is a sign of things to come. I would highly recommend this issue as although not perfect it was still very good, but if you've not been following the series it may be better to wait until the next issue, as this was the end of a story, and may be confusing without the other issues.

Rating: 4/5