Friday, 18 October 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 4 "Eye Spy" Review

So far this has been overall a very enjoyable series, as although it hasn't quite hit the high marks that it should have, it is starting to show promise, focusing more on story plots than references. It does however still need some work to become as great as it should be, but it's definitely getting there.


When S.H.I.E.L.D. investigate a diamond robbery they land up going against a former agent.


This was yet another amazing episode, as although near the start I was dreading that the series was starting to fall down in quality again, it managed to pick itself up in the latter parts of the episode. The story itself was brilliant, having a terrific pace, being perfectly structured. It was however slightly slow in places, though it would only have a negative affect near the start of the episode, as elsewhere there was suspense and humour to cover it up. The plot itself was also extremely interesting, with some exciting concepts, and I loved how the series has kept with the spy theme. I also found the team interaction to be very interesting, as apart from the fact that the team as a whole continues to grow on me, there were some conflicting moments that added a lot of tension and excitement to the episode.

This episode had a rather unique start than the others, and there was a point were I was questioning if this was the same show. I did however find this scene to be overall very interesting, as although it was slow, it had a very mysterious element to it, showing straight away that this wasn't a normal diamond robbery. The men who the diamonds were stolen from also were rather unique, and the fact that they all were wearing red masks added a very different tone to the scene. I also however loved the fact that these were the victims, as I was half expecting them to be plotting something originally.

The Men in Red Masks

S.H.I.E.L.D. would soon be at the crime scene, and not long after that the culprit would soon be revealed as a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Akela Amador. Now when this was revealed I really started to become interested in this story, as having originally questioned why S.H.I.E.L.D. would investigate a diamond robbery, this development would make it worthwhile. Amador herself as a character was also very interesting, as the ESP vibe that came off her near the start of the episode added some mystery to the episode. There would also be some interesting revelations about Amador in this episode, and the reaction that the team had to this was very interesting.

There would also be some action in this episode, as May would finally get a proper fight when she confronts Amador. Now I won't go into any details as to how the plot came to this point, but overall the scene was extremely exciting, also being very dramatic, and intense. The scene would also provide some very interesting revelations, and the dialogue between May and Amador would also help add more suspense and drama. Besides Ward would also have some very entertaining activities throughout the episode, with one part in particularly especially amusing me.


The reason I have put a spoiler warning here is as although this isn't necessarily a spoiler, I will be discussing a theory I've had for the last few episodes, and if I'm right it will spoil a future plot development. Final warning... The thing that I've been thinking about over the last few episodes is whether there is more to Coulson's revival that was originally revealed. I personally was expecting at the time for him to be some sort of android or something similar to the Life Model Decoy's that Nick Fury uses in the comics. I have however since came back to believing that this is in fact the case, and minor development have started to back that up, as in the last episode Coulson said that operating his gun should be muscle memory, something an android wouldn't have. Again this episode would also hint at this with Akela talking about Coulson's change, as she could have spotted that he was an android due to her x-ray vision eye. Now this isn't the only theory I have, as I believe that Marvel and Joss Whedon will take this even further, turning Coulson into the Vision.

Final Verdict

Although initially a bit slow, this episode started to gain momentum as it developed, and landed up being very enjoyable. The story was interesting, being brilliantly developed, and the way that the series has continued the spy theme has really appealed to me. There would also be some exciting and humorous moments throughout, with some mystery as well. Due to this I'd highly recommend watching this episode, as although not quite as good as the last couple, it was still amazing, and better than the pilot.

Rating: 8/10