Tuesday 29 October 2013

Justice League #24 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis

This series as a whole as been amazing and one of the series that I've enjoyed the most since the start of the New 52 two years ago. It has however gotten even better since the start of Trinity War and now that Forever Evil has started I'm sure it will continue to be just as brilliant.


Ultraman's origin is revealed whilst in the present he pays the Daily Planet a visit.


This was a fantastic issue and a brilliant Ultraman story. Geoff Johns continues to do an amazing job on this series, doing a great job of tie-in this in with the events of Forever Evil without taking anything away from the main event itself. Johns also did a great job of transitioning from Ultraman's origin story to the present, with the narration from Ultraman throughout this issue also being amazing. Johns would also add a lot of drama and suspense in this issue, with the tone being perfect for both the characters and the event as a whole. I did however feel that this issue was too much of a set-up for Forever Evil #3, as although it was very exciting and enjoyable, I couldn't help but feel that it was ever so slightly incomplete.

The artwork in this issue was simply phenomenal with Ivan Reis producing some of his finest work. The detail throughout this issue was simply outstanding, as although there were a couple of minor imperfections they are very hard to notice, and overall the detail was very consistent throughout. The layouts of Reis's art was also amazing, adding a lot of depth and tone to the issue, helping the story to flow smoothly. The action and character emotions would also be brilliantly handled, adding a lot of excitement and realism to the issue. On top of all that Reis would also produce an amazing cover that was a brilliant homage to Jim Lee's cover for the first issue of the series.

This issue would start by re-telling Ultraman's origin. Now for anyone who knows Ultraman's origin this may or may not interest you, but having not read it myself I personally really enjoyed the re-telling, feeling that it was the perfect start to this Ultraman themed issue. What I especially enjoyed was that although it was very similar to Superman's origin, it was much darker and grittier, with everything having a bad natured tone to it. Ultraman as a child would also be rather creepy, with his red eyes reminding me of Damien from the Omen.

In the present part of this issue Ultraman would pay a visit to the Daily Planet, to see just how different the staff are compared to their Earth-3 counterparts. This was a very intense and exciting sequence, and I especially loved how Ultraman exerted his dominance, and how angry he got over the differences between these characters compared to their Earth-3 counterparts. I also yet again loved the dark tone to this, as if it was Superman doing this I would have hated it, but cause it's Ultraman it's very dramatic and intense.

This issue would also see a fight between Ultraman and Black Adam. Now I won't go into any detail as to how the fight started, but I will say my thoughts on the fight. First of all I loved that it happened, as following the tease in Forever Evil #2 I was looking forward to the two squaring off. I also found it funny that Black Adam was actually the hero here, as having been considered a villain it's easy to forget that his intentions are usually good, just not always moral. It was however a shame that it didn't end in this issue, but in saying that I'm even more excited for Forever Evil #3 now.

Final Verdict

This was an outstanding issue, as although not necessary for anyone who is only interested in the bare essentials of Forever Evil, it was still an exciting read, retelling Ultraman's origin in a very dark and gritty way that contrasts Superman's origins perfectly. There would also be some brilliant action as well, as although it was mainly setting up Forever Evil #3 it was still very exciting, also being suspenseful. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue as it was a very fun and entertaining read.

Rating: 9/10

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