Thursday, 10 October 2013

New Batman Weekly Series and Creative Changes for Detective Comics

2014 will mark the 75th anniversary of Batman, and with that USA Today has announced that DC will be brining out a brand new weekly series for Batman that will launch in Spring 2014. The series will be named Batman: Eternal, and will have the rotation of writers including Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman, Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley, with artist Jason Fabok also working on the project as it's lead artist.

Scott Snyder told USA Today, "It's a place for me to be able to work with good friends in terms of shaping Gotham in a bigger, grander and more game-changing way than ever before."

It has also been announced that Detective Comics #27 will be a 96 page celebration issue, and will be released on the 8th January. It will feature multiple writers and artists, including Paul Dini, Brad Meltzer, Gregg Hurwitz, Peter Tomasi, Neal Adams, Dustin Nguyen, Francesco Francavilla and Frank Miller. This issue will also see the start of John Layman and Jason Fabok's final arc on the series titled"Gothtopia" as USA Today would also announce that there will be a new creative team for Detective Comics in the spring, with current Flash writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato taking over the series.

Manapul told USA Today, "We want to bring him closer to his roots and be more of a street-level type of hero. His superheroics will still be present, but the investigative part of Batman will be at the forefront."

Buccellato added that, "There is a perception that Francis and I are best suited for 'lighter fare' because of our run on the vibrant, fast-moving world of Barry Allen. But we also have a gritty and dark side that we will tap into as we get into the mind of the Dark Knight. Stylistically, we will use the tools in our toolbox to capture what we think the Bat-universe looks and feels like. Gotham won't look like Central City, so you won't be seeing all the bright reds, oranges and yellows that defined Flash's world."

My Thoughts

I don't know what I think of the idea of a weekly Batman series, as although I think it's a brilliant way of celebrating his 75th Anniversary, it is a lot to commit to a series that is released weekly. I do however like the idea of the creative team constantly changing as it gives people the opportunity to only get certain issues, or try writers and artists that they've not tried before. I will however give it a go and hope that it stays fresh and interesting. I am however much more excited about the Detective Comics news, as although I am enjoying Layman and Fabok's run I am happy that it's a creative team like Manapul and Buccellato that are taking over. I also am really looking forward to seeing what their take on the character will be, and how it will contrast to their Flash work. I also think it is very appropriate to have a celebration issue for Detective Comics #27 as with Batman being first introduced in the original Detective Comics #27 it's a nice homage. On top of this I'm looking forward to seeing all the brilliant artists work in the issue, and especially Frank Miller's.