Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Top 5 Most Anticipated Comics 23/10/13

This is a new feature that I will be doing each week where I give talk briefly about the top five comics that I'm most looking forward to this week.

1. Velvet #1

I haven't read a huge amount of Ed Brubaker's creator owned stuff yet, but I have been meaning to give Fatale a try for some time, and enjoyed the bits that I've read from Criminal and Incognito. With his latest creator owned series starting this week I thought I'd give the series a try, as bar from the fact that it's bound to be great, it has Steve Epting who worked with Brubaker on Captain America doing the artwork. On top of all that the fact that this is a spy thriller also really interests me, as some of my most favourite stories over the last few years have been spy related.

Go to Comic Book Resources for the preview.

2. Wolverine and the X-Men #36

Battle of the Atom has been a series that I've been enjoying since it started, as although it hasn't always been amazing, with the progression being slow for most of the first half it has since started to kick into a higher gear as of All-New X-Men #17. In saying that the level did drop slightly in last weeks Uncanny X-Men #13 instalment, though even though that issue wasn't outstanding it wasn't completely terrible, having some good points, with the main one being the brilliant development that it added to the story, which I'm hoping this issue plays off perfectly. I also hope that the cover and solicit don't lie, and that we get a explosive fight.

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3. Indestructible Hulk #14

Indestructible Hulk has been amongst my favourite current series' since it started, as although it has had a few minor problems along the way, Mark Waid has taken the Hulk to new levels, producing some of the best Hulk stories that I've read in a while. The current story, Agent of T.I.M.E. has also really interested me, as although it has also had some moments that haven't been brilliant, overall it has been a fantastic story so far. It is however this issue that I've been most looking forward to, as with this issue taking the story to the time of Hulk's creation it is bound to have some very exciting moments along the way, and I'm sure Waid will use this to the story's best advantage.

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4. Justice League #24

Forever Evil has been an amazing event so far, as although it has still to fully kick off, it has had some very exciting and entertaining moments so far, being very suspenseful and dramatic. I have however not been too interested in some of the tie-ins that are coming out, as bar Forever Evil: Arkham War the Justice League tie-ins are the only ones I'm really excited about. This issue in particular looks to be very interesting, as apart from it telling the origin of Ultraman, I am looking forward to seeing the explosive encounter between him and Black Adam that was teased in Forever Evil #2.

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5. Iron Man #17

This is probably the most unexpected series for me to add onto a most anticipated list, as the series has been very poor since it started, and although the Secret Origin of Tony Stark has had some brilliant moments it has also overall been rather poor and very inconsistent. It is however the fact that this is the final issue of the story, and the fact that it promises to reveal the true secret behind Tony's origin that has grabbed my attention, as whether the issue itself is good or bad, the development is something that I for one can't miss, and it's bound to shake up the Marvel Universe.

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