Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Top 5 Most Anticipated Comics 30/10/13

This is a feature where I give talk briefly about the top five comics that I'm most looking forward to this week.

1. X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2

Although Battle of the Atom has been dragging a bit as of late, it has still been a brilliant crossover story, having had some amazing developments so far. Also due to all the build-up from the last couple of chapters there is bound to be some exciting action sequences as well. The fact that Esad Ribic is doing the artwork also has me excited, as he is a tremendously talented artist, and I've enjoyed his X-Men work in the past. There is however one thing that might let the issue down though, and that's the fact that the outcome of the story was already spoiled at the NYCC, but I for one am still interested in reading it for myself.

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2. Infinity #5

Infinity has been an amazing event, being one of the best that Marvel has produced in quite some time. Jonathan Hickman has been doing some of the best work that he's ever produced on this series, and following the exciting events of the last couple of issues I can only imagine that he'll continue to make this event even better, and I'm hoping that this issue will be just as good, if not better than the previous couple. I also look forward to seeing what will happen when the Avengers eventually return to Earth, and how they react to Thanos' invasion. I also hope that we'll see more development from Thane in this issue, as what happened to him in the last was simply astonishing.

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3. Witchblade #170

Now I've already read this issue having been given the chance to advance review it, so I know what happens, meaning that there's no real anticipation for me. I have however added it to this as it was an amazing issue, and I can't wait to own the issue for myself, and will be certainly be re-reading it again. It will also see the return of Ron Marz, who has had the longest run on Witchblade, also having amazing artwork from Laura Braga. The way the issue ended also has me excited for Witchblade #171 and I'm sure Marz and Braga's run will continue to be outstanding.

Check out my advance review and the preview here.

4. Damian: Son of Batman #1

I'm not to sure what to expect from this series as when I first heard about it I was expecting something amazing, and although I hope that we'll get that, Andy Kubert's writing on the Joker Villains Month issue left a lot to be desired. This however is a different character and I hope that Kubert will prove to be as good a writer as he is an artist. I also look forward to seeing more of Damian's future as Batman, as they have been some of my favourite moments from him as a character. I would also love if this would show a way for Damian returning to the DC Universe, but if that does happen I doubt it will be shown in the first issue. 

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5. Ash and the Army of Darkness #1

I've been a huge fan of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness films for quite some time now, and have enjoyed a few of the previous comic book adaptations. It is due to this that I was so excited when I first heard that there would be a new ongoing series, as although there have been some interesting crossovers it's much better when Ash is on his own. What I look forward to the most from this issue as well as the series as a whole is some humour and action, and that it has the same tone as the films, as some of the previous comic book series based on Evil Dead or the Army of Darkness haven't always done this. I also hope to see Ash put to the test in this series, as I always feel that his best moments come at the cruellest of times. 

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Honourable Mentions: Punisher: Trial of the Punisher #2, Ultimate Comics: Cataclysm #0.1