Saturday 30 November 2013

Batman #25 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

So far this series has been outstanding and easily one of my favourites and so far Zero Year has been an amazing series, and a brilliant retelling of Batman's early years, and if it keeps up this pace it could easily become one of Scott Snyder's best Batman stories yet.


As Gotham is in a blackout created by the Riddler a series of strange murders start happening, reintroducing an old villain in a new way.


This was yet another brilliant issue in the Zero Year story, as although unlike last issue it didn't justify the price increase, it was still very enjoyable with Scott Snyder setting up the future of the story perfectly. Snyder would also do a brilliant job of adding a lot of suspense and drama to this issue, as although the events of the issue weren't quite what I hoped they'd be, having very little Batman appearances, it would still have a lot of tension and excitement throughout the issue. Snyder would also do an amazing job of keeping the same dark and sombre tone that the story has had so far, adding in some light when needed, as it gives the perfect vibe to these early years of the Dark Knight.

The artwork in this issue would also yet again be outstanding with Greg Capullo doing an amazing job. The detail in his artwork is simply spectacular as although I'm still not overly fond of the hair style to this younger Bruce Wayne, the detail itself is very consistent throughout the issue, with it being to a very high standard. The layouts from Capullo would also be fantastic, adding a lot of depth and drama to the issue, as well as helping to add more suspense. The overall tone of Capullo's artwork would also be amazing, with the overall dark and mysterious tone being perfect for this issue, especially given the fact that Batman himself doesn't have a huge role in this issue.

We'd get to see a new version of Batman's Batmobile in this issue, with this version being a modern take on an earlier model. The car itself was simply spectacular, as although nowhere near as awesome as some of his more classic Batmobile's, it was the simplicity and the odd bit of technological spectacle that made it brilliant. I also loved the racer like gear stick as well as the racer like steering wheel and the harness like seatbelt, all of which would give a more realistic feel to the Batmobile. On top of that the look itself was that much different from the classic look for a Batmobile that it made it feel like the first model that it is.

There would be a new villain introduced in this issue, and it would be none other than the first villain that Batman would ever face in the earlier comics, Doctor Death. Now I've never been a huge fan of Doctor Death, but the fact that he was the very first villain that Batman ever faced made his appearance in this story very fitting. I also loved the reaction from the Gotham City Police Department towards Doctor Death's actions and I am looking forward to seeing Batman square of against him later on in the story.

This issue would also see one of Batman's more well known villains feature, with Poison Ivy making a cameo appearance. Now this would be prior to her becoming Poison Ivy, being plain old Pamela Isley but the fact that she made an appearance was very interesting, as it was nice to once again see Poison Ivy prior to becoming a villain. I also liked the way that her addition was handled in this issue, as it would work perfectly along with the developments within this issue, and I hope that cause of this we'll get to see the transition into Poison Ivy during Zero Year.

Final Verdict

This was a fantastic issue and although the price increase didn't quite feel worth it, the issue was still amazing, setting up the future of the story perfectly. On top of that it would also have a lot of mystery and suspense as although Batman himself doesn't have a huge role in the issue, it would still be very dark and exciting. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue as well as the story so far, and if you're short of cash and can't get the story so far, this is a great jumping on point.

Rating: 8/10

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