Wednesday 6 November 2013

Cyber Force #7 Review

Writer: Marc Silvestri
Artist: Marco Turini

I've not read Cyber Force in years, having not read anything since the middle of the second series. Although I have been meaning to get more Cyber Force stories as well as give this new series a try I just haven't found the time, though I plan on changing that from this issue.


11 years have passed since Killjoy is released into the world, and in the present Cyber Force look for some serum to cure Ripclaw.


This was an amazing issue and although I missed the opening issue of this story I was still able to thoroughly enjoy this issue. Marc Silvestri did a terrific job of retelling Killjoy's origin in a very exiting way, also doing a terrific job of teasing her upcoming plans in the present. I also really enjoyed the character interaction in this issue as well, as although it would slow the issue down ever so slightly, it would give some depth to the characters, showing the predicament that Cyber Force are in perfectly. The first half of the issue however was extremely exciting, with the flow of the issue as a whole being very natural, and steady allowing old and new readers alike to understand this story.

The artwork from Marco Turini on this issue was also brilliant as although it wasn't as phenomenal as some of the past artwork I've seen on Cyber Force issues, it was still amazing. The detail in this issue was slightly inconsistent, as although there would be some highly detailed panels, there would also be some that felt rather rushed. The layout of the artwork was however outstanding throughout, and whether it was Silvestri who's also the art director, or Turini himself that thought through the layouts it was brilliantly handled. The action sequences would also be very explosive and exciting, popping out of the page at times, with the cover from Silvestri being phenomenal as usual.

This issue would start by showing the origin of Killjoy with there soon being a fight between her and Ripclaw. Now this was an amazing sequence and my personal favourite, as although some of the other sequences were more interesting, this would be very exciting and entertaining. I also loved the dialogue from Killjoy during this sequence as it would add so much more depth and tone to the sequence, also making it much more entertaining, as well as slightly humorous.

We'd also get to see some of what Killjoy is up to in the present, as although not a lot, it does tease for the future of this story perfectly. I especially enjoyed the mysterious nature of this development, as well as the dark gritty tone to the sequences. I also enjoyed the small part of dialogue from Killjoy during this development, and was happy that it was much briefer than the dialogue from the opening sequence, as although that dialogue from the opening sequence was better, it was key to keep this sequence very sombre, as the minimalistic dialogue adds to the mystery and tension.

During the present Cyber Force would be busy trying to find more serum for Ripclaw who is dying. Now this may have been the slowest sequence in the issue, but it was far from terrible, as it would have a lot of depth to it, as well as brilliant character interaction. It would also give chance to see the characteristics of the characters shine through, with some in particular being extremely interesting. On top of that I found it very interesting to see Ripclaw in this predicament, as although he is a character that I've enjoyed through the issues I've read, the predicament he's in adds a lot of suspense and tension to the story, and contrasts the skill that he showed in the opening sequence.

Final Verdict

Silvestri does a brilliant job of retelling Killjoy's origin in a fresh and interesting fashion, adding a lot of excitement and mystery to this issue. The issue would also be very new reader friendly, as although it would probably be better for people who read the first part, it is easy enough to pick the series up from this issue without getting confused. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue and can't wait to read the next, and will try and get the back issues to read in the meantime.

Rating: 8/10


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