Sunday, 10 November 2013

Forever Evil #3 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: David Finch

Although it hasn't been as astonishing as Trinity War was, Forever Evil has been a very exciting and entertaining series, being the perfect continuation to Trinity War, as well as being a brilliant event in itself, re-introducing the Crime Syndicate in a big way.


As Batman and Catwoman take Cyborg to get help, Lex Luthor with Bizarro's help finds the location of Ultraman and sees his fight with Black Adam.


This was yet another fantastic issue, and although the series has been progressing slowly, it continues to be very exciting. Geoff Johns once again did a terrific job of developing this story involving the Crime Syndicate, as although I'd have hoped for a little more development by now, he is still doing an amazing job of keeping the story entertaining, and the set-up in this issue has me excited for the next. I also loved how Johns managed to have most of the developments within this issue flow into each other, as it makes the development in the event so far feel more connected. The character interaction and action in this issue would also be fantastic, adding a lot of drama and excitement to the issue, as well as more depth.

The artwork on this issue would also yet again be brilliant, as although there was a couple of things that annoyed me, overall David Finch produced some fantastic art. The detail throughout would be mostly consistent, as although there were minor imperfections, there weren't many, though a couple of them were rather jarring to look at. The layout on the other hand would be perfect throughout, adding a lot of depth and tone to the issue, as well as making it a bit more intense at times. The action sequences would also be amazing, though the Ultraman/Black Adam sequence would have couple of awkward panel that let it down a bit.

This issue would start with Batman and Catwoman taking the remains of Cyborg to his father Silas Stone in the hopes that he can once again save his son. This however wouldn't be the part of the sequence that would interest me the most, as that would go to Batman learning that the Crime Syndicate have revealed Nightwing's (Dick Grayson) identity, having me excited for the future development of this. I also enjoyed the interaction that Catwoman would have in this sequence as it would lighten the tone slightly.

Lex Luthor would also continue with his plans against the Crime Syndicate getting Bizarro to help him get one of his satellites back in working order. Now this sequence didn't do a lot for the story besides set-up the next sequence brilliantly, as well as the last part of Luthor's appearance setting up the next issue. I did however enjoyed the interaction between Luthor and Bizarro and how Luthor's tone would change every now and then to get Bizarro to do what he wanted. This interaction would also add a lot of entertainment as fin to the issue as well.

We'd also get to see the continuation of the Ultraman/Black Adam fight that started in Justice League #24. Now I thought the fight in that issue was amazing, and was looking forward to it continuing in this issue. I will however say that it would have been bettwer if the full fight was shown in one issue or the other, as although both were exciting, they'd have felt much more so if in the same issue, as much like the part of the fight from Justice League #24 this didn't feel long enough. I did however find it to be very exciting and enterating, and Ultraman's attitude throughout added a lot of depth as well.

Final Verdict

Although the series is progressing slowly it still manages to be very entertaining and exciting, with this being no different. This issue would also have some interesting character interactions, and the way the story would develop would be extremely interesting. Due to all this I'd highly recommend this issue and the event so far, and can't wait for the next issue.

Rating: 8/10