Friday, 24 January 2014

Witchblade #172 Advance Review

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Laura Braga

What will happen when the Angelus comes for the Witchblade? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Sara Pezzini will soon discover who the Witchblade chose to be its next bearer…

Witchblade has been simply astonishing over the last few issues, with the return of Ron Marz to writing bringing me back into the world of Witchblade. And boy am I happy. The transformation has been simply fantastic, with the series being one of my favourite series out the now, making me regret having not read it in almost 10 years prior.

Ron Marz has within this issue taken a major development level, forwarding the current story into the next stage. The mixture of the current and the past continues to be very well balanced, with the exciting action being an appealing bonus. It was also nice to see the addition of Tom Judge, a character that Marz is no stranger to, with his appearance making the flashbacks even more interesting. On top of this Marz also once again gave a terrific cliffhanger finish to the issue, keeping me gripped in anticipation for the next.

Laura Braga continues to amaze me with her stunning artwork, and it's one of the main reasons I look forward to reading this series each month. The detail and layout of her artwork is simply outstanding, being extremely consistent and adding a lot of depth and intensity. Braga also manages to show the dramatic tone of the story development perfectly, with the action sequences being simply phenomenal. Added to that the beautiful colours from Betsy Gonia and this becomes a truly wonderful issue both story wise and visually.

Witchblade continues to astound me, with the return of Marz proving to be a terrific decision. Added to that Braga's wonderful art and the terrific development in this issue and it's impossible not to recommend this issue.

Rating: 10/10


Witchblade #172 is on sale 29th January.

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