Saturday 1 February 2014

Aphrodite IX #8 Advance Review

Writer: Matt Hawkins 
Artist: Stjepan Šejic

What will happen when Aphrodite enters Speros? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Is Aphrodite XV a threat? Or an ally?

Aphrodite IX has easily became one of my favourite series out the now, and is one of the best series' that Top Cow currently publishes. It's futuristic setting matched alongside the brilliant characters and amazing storyline makes this a gripping tale and I'm always left wanting to read more.

Matt Hawkins continued to do a great job with this issue, generating some intriguing development for the current story, whilst also building up more mystery at the same time. What I loved most from the issue was the way that Hawkins built the suspense, as with Aphrodite entering Speros there was always going to be some sort of conflict. Hawkins also continued to build the characteristics perfectly, having Marcus yet again make a background appearance, as well as teasing more about a new character. On top of this there was some amazing action with there also being a tremendous cliffhanger as well.

Stjepan Šejic also doesn't fail to impress with his artwork being as magical as ever. Šejic has proved over the last few issues that he's a very dexterous, going from a phenomenal style to a new style which appeals to me even more with every new issue. Either way the detail is never in question, always being to a high standard, and looking simply beautiful. Added to that the superb layouts and stunning colours and it's hard to think of many artists who are at the same level of quality as Šejic. 

Aphrodite IX continues to be a very entertaining series, with both a gripping plot and breathtaking artwork. I for one can't recommend this series enough and would be a fool not to highly recommend this issue.

Rating: 10/10


Aphrodite IX #8 is on sale 5th February.

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