Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Walking Dead #121 Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Charlie Adlard

Has this war taken it’s toll on Rick? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“ALL OUT WAR,” Part Seven

In the aftermath of the unthinkable.

All Out War finally shifted up a gear last issue, and although it remains as interesting as ever, it has dropped back down to it’s normal pace. Following Rick’s collapse last issue there is the question of how big a strain this war has had on the groups fearless leader, with the developments of this issue giving an interesting twist for the groups dynamic.

Robert Kirman yet again delivers a script that is both interesting and realistic (if zombies existed of course). There is however a part of me that’s getting a little bored of this war, as despite it being constantly good, I feel like it’s dragging at times. In saying that Kirkman does give some brilliant character development, with the sudden change in Rick’s attitude being especially interesting. Added to this the development of Negan’s side and there’s still promise. Despite that I still think it’s time that this story pushes towards the end, with Rick and Negan fighting to the death.

Charlie Adlard once again does a spectacular job on the artwork in this issue, with his style never failing to impress me. The layout of Adlard’s art along with the emotion that he adds during the character interaction is simply magnificent, giving a very realistic and dramatic tone to the story. Adlard also manages to adjust the tone perfectly throughout the issue, with his scenery giving a lot of depth to the devastating events. As ever Adlard’s art was accompanied by the fantastic inks from Stefano Gaudiano and the amazing grey tones from Cliff Rathburn, with the final look being perfect as usual.

All Out War is dragging on a bit for me, with it’s only saving grace being the wonderful character depth. Despite that this is still a great issue which I fully recommend.

Rating: 7/10