Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Earth 2 #6

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Nicola Scott

(Highlight White Areas to Reveal Spoilers)

I have been enjoying this series so far and it has been one best comics in The New 52, at least from their Second Wave. Robinson has overall done a brilliant job on this series but the true credit goes to Scott who has produced some amazing artwork over the series and the series wouldn't be the same without it (issue #0 showed that).


This issue sees the conclusion to the fight between the new wonders of Earth 2 and Grundy. Green Lantern is still in the grey with his deceased boyfriend Sam but eventually escapes. Sloan plans on nuking Washington D.C. to Commander Khan's fury, and finally upon Green Lanterns return we see the final fight between him (The Green) and Grundy (The Grey)


This is still a great series and this was a good issue but it was a bit of a disappointing ending to what had been a great story. It was disappointing because for all the build up the previous issues have had and all the tremendous fights from them issues the final fight in this issue kind of fizzled out. It started great and was very exciting to start of with Flash, Hawkgirl and Atom struggling against this brute force in Grundy. What I didn't like though was when Green Lantern returned Grundy seemed to loose all his fight and it was pretty one sided.

Robinson however has still done a great job at writing overall and I love the chemistry he's injected into the series between all the characters who barely know each other and love how he show's all these different personalities brilliantly. He would have done a near perfect job on this issue if it wasn't for the final fight at the end which is a shame as this story overall has been brilliant.

Scott's art in this issue is once again superb and I love the way she draws all the characters. I like how all these classic characters have a newish look whilst being very different from their New Earth (regular universe) counterparts. Sinclair also deserves credit for the art as you can really see all the different colours from the different characters shine out, and he deserves credit for that.

The character who steals the series has to be the Flash as he is hilarious and I love how we see that even thought he has this brilliant new power he's still scared and sometimes isn't sure what to do with it. Atom is another brilliant character and I loved how Hawkgirl realised his intentions would change one Green Lantern took the fight to Grundy as his secondary objective was to bring Hawkgirl and the other new wonders in. It's nice how Atom's now very military and takes orders well, as prior to New 52, he was quite annoying and went about like a bumbling idiot, being over excited one minute and very depressing the next. I also like the Hawkgirl character in this series and she is very similar to what she was prior to New 52 as in she can take care of herself and if need be can take charge pretty quickly.

I have also been enjoying seeing Sloan's true agenda starting to show as he sends the nukes to D.C. more to get rid of the new wonders than to get rid of Grundy. It will also be interesting to see what he has planned in latter issues and what will happen if he ever comes face to face with the new wonders.

I also liked how we see Green Lantern breaking free of the Grey and that even though he still loves Sam he will not spend his life in the Grey and that he needs to be the hero. There was a lot of emotion in that sequence and from the end of the previous issue it appeared he might have stayed. Now that he has decided to go alone it will also be interesting to see what happens to him and if he will be involved with the other wonders again.

Final Verdict

Even though slightly disappointing I would still highly recommend this issue and the series as overall it has been good and very fun. I am really looking forward to seeing what will happen in the future of this series and hope the next story is as good as this one was.

Rating: 4/5