Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hits and Misses 28/11/12

This is a new feature I will be doing, and I will try and produce it each week. I will be taking a look at the comics I liked and dislike this week, and things about certain comics that made it stick out. This Hits and Misses is for the comics I read released on the 28/11/12.


First up this week is All-New X-Men #2. All-New X-Men #2 was written by Brian Michael Bendis, and drawn by Stuart Immonen, it featured the X-Men of the past coming to the present. This was the second instalment of All-New X-Men this month, and it didn't disappoint. This is what I wanted to see more of in the previous issue so it was nice that it got a full issue to focus on it. The interaction between the younger X-Men from the past and Wolverine's X-Men from the present was brilliantly done, with specific reactions being more entertaining (e.g. Iceman's at his younger self, and the younger Iceman at his future self).The way Immonen drew this issue was amazing and really made it lovely to look at, with great details and ton's of emotion. Beast's health is also an interesting subject, which has been brought up in this story, as it's easy to forget about his further mutation, and whether or not it's able to kill him. This issue has also set-up a lot for the next couple of issues, and I will be as interested to see what Cyclops' reaction to the younger X-Men, Jean in particular, as much as I was interested in Wolverine's reaction.

Next up is Masks #1, written by Chris Roberson and painted by Alex Ross. I wasn't originally sure if I was going to get this series due to my already stretched budget but when I noticed it was only an 8 parter, and with Alex Ross' artwork I had to get it. In this issue the law becomes unjust and Green Hornet and Kato's perspective of what the law stands for changes. They decide to work alongside the Shadow and the Spider to fight the law and bring justice back to New York. Zorro was also featured in this issue being unjustly arrested. This was a brilliant issue and Alex Ross' arts are truly beautiful. The story that brought all these hero's together was brilliant and it was interesting to see Green Hornet and Kato swayed towards the Shadows methods. The only negative thing I have to say is that the way the Spider was introduced wasn't very good, and felt like here you go I'll help, but apart from that minor thing the issue was brilliant, and worth the buy even if only for Ross' art. Future issues will also feature Black Bat, Miss Fury, Black Terror, Green Lama and others.

Thor: God of Thunder #2 was also and exceptionally good issue, and Jason Aaron continues to do an amazing job. I was initially sceptical about how good this series would be after Aaron's poor run of Incredible Hulk, but both issues in this series so far have been phenomenal. The way he writes the God of Thunder is amazing, and the new villain he's introduced really pushes Thor to his limits. Another thing I wasn't initially sure if I'd like was Thor through the ages, but this has been one of the best things about this series, and the thing that makes it unlike any other Thor series. This issue sees Thor fight the God Butcher in his earlier life, prior to wielding Mjolnir. Thor's arrogance and overconfidence is shown perfectly throughout his youth, but once he realises how dangerous the God Butcher is he soon gets serious. Esad Ribic's artwork in this issue is amazing but some of the facial expressions are a bit awkward. It will be interesting to see the progression of the God of Thunders battle against the God Butcher.

Another couple of great issues out this week was Batman Incorporated #5, giving another look at Damian's future as Batman, and Superman #14, which start's the Superman section of H'el on Earth. Both issues were brilliant and both Grant Morrison and Scott Lobdell did a tremendous job writing their respective series. Chris Burnham also did amazing art on Batman Inc., whilst Kenneth Rocafort did beautiful art on Superman.


First and biggest miss of this week, from what I read, was Teen Titans #14. I have overall enjoyed this Teen Titans series and found it a really fun series, but the last couple of issues haven't been great, and this one was even worse. This issue just felt too rushed and all the things I was looking forward to seeing felt dull due to this. It's such a shame as Scott Lobdell did such a great job on Superman #14 this week, and seeing this rushed, mediocre issue was disappointing. I was looking forward to the Wonder Girl origin story but it was very disappointing. I was expecting to see a lot of emotion and chemistry between Wonder Girl and Diesel in this issue, but it turned out not to be as much as I expected. It's obvious during the issue that Wonder Girl still has feelings for Diesel, but the confrontation between the two just felt too rushed to show the right levels of emotion. I did however like how Red Robin's feelings towards Wonder Girl have leaved more questions and look forward to seeing the development of this. Overall I felt that this issue was just rushed, so it could easily get to the Death of the Family crossover next issue, whilst setting up possible future storyline's at the same time. I do however hope the Death of the Family crossover will be good and it's interesting that it's crossing over with Lobdell's other series, Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #2 is next in the misses section. This series hasn't really done much to amaze me in the first two issue that have been released which isn't a good thing, especially when it's a 4 issue limited series. I don't know whether I like the main story or not. The mystery is a nice element, and I'm interested to see what the Ultimate version of Mandarin will be, whether the organisation like the story's hinting, or a similar version to the normal Mandarin. I wasn't too sure on the Drones in this issue, and I've always felt that Drones in an Iron Man story is just filler to have a fight. Although the way Tony just casually goes to ask for Rhodey's help during a test isn't a surprise I still think that it's a bit too much, and that it would be a lot easier calling, although it's nice to see the characteristics kept. The only thing I really liked in this issue was how it referenced Tony's fathers death, and Black Widow's betrayal from The Ultimates 2 . Overall this issue wasn't bad, and the overall story is interesting but for a limited series the story is slowly dragging along, and was one of the poorer comics that I read this week.

Final instalment of this weeks Hits and Misses section is The Savage Hawkman #14. Since Rob Liefeld took over the writing of this series it's started to decline in quality. I was initially going to drop this series all together but the way the last story ended left an interesting question about Hawkman's past, which I wanted to find out. I've been disappointed with the story so far, and wasn't to happy that it involved other series (Green Arrow and Deathstroke). I was happy that this issue integrated both the Green Arrow and Deathstroke issues, but didn't like how it was done. Although this is a good thing for people who haven't read them issues it made them issues feel necessary, and it also wasted a good chunk of this issue re-telling the events from them. The bits of action in this issue were nice but it wasn't enough to save what was a issue that barley moved the story forward, if it did at all. This story hasn't made me want to continue getting this series after this story which is a shame, as it might be good once Liefeld's plot is removed, and it's a shame that what was once a brilliant series is now a very poor and disappointing one.

That's it for this weeks Hits and Misses. Tell me what you think of this new feature, and what your opinions of this weeks comics in the comments section.