Thursday, 6 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #25

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Mike McKone

I haven't read Uncanny X-Force since The Dark Angel Saga and have missed reading it since. I wasn't too disappointed at missing out to start of with as I didn't hear brilliant things about the series for a while after that but I have been hearing tones of brilliant things about this series and when I heard that a certain character I'm a fan of returns later on in this story (if you've read the following issues you'll know who I'm on about) I had to get this storyline.


This issue sees Deadpool stealing the identity of a man who was heading to a secret location called the White Sky Show Room to infiltrate a facility that creates geneticist engineered assassins. Meanwhile Wolverine is having troubles with members leaving the team and Genesis is being bullied by Quentin Quire for being the child version of Apocalypse.


This was a brilliant issue and a great start to a new story. Rick Remender has reminded me why I loved this series in the earlier issues and why I considered it the best X book out the now. He hasn't half thrown a curve ball at the series with this issue as there are so many variables happening all coming at a bad time for X-Force. Remender also has a brilliant way of writing all these characters and I wouldn't be surprised if he could make any Marvel character into a brilliant series (even Squirrel Girl, just kidding). But seriously it doesn't matter if it's Wolverine or Deadpool or anyone else he nails them perfectly and writes their interactions superbly.

Mike McKone's art in this issue was brilliant and although it's not the best art I've seen over the series it is still very good and still feels like a X-Force book. Although his art isn't necessaries the prettiest art to look at it still very detailed showing great characteristics. I also like how McKone shows the emotion of the characters throughout this issue which really helps the development of the mood. I am also happy to see that Dean White is still doing the colours for this series as they really shape the tone of the book whilst making this issue feel like the same series I was reading whilst Jerome Opena was doing the artwork.

I was also happy to see that this issue has Deadpool with his face back as during the Deadpool story "Dead" Deadpool got his face back, and I like it when series recognise what's happened to their characters in other series' (especially their main ones). I also liked that in the page introducing the comic where it tells you what happened previously how it warned you that the events take place after Deadpool #54 so you don't spoil what happened. I also love how Deadpool acts in this series and although I enjoyed the split personality thoughts in his head in Daniel Way's Deadpool series, I don't think it would suit this series and may confuse newer readers. I also like how it adds something different to the character and how it adds a bit more sanity to his character (if possible).

I'm starting to like the AoA Nightcrawler more and more and although I still prefer the normal Nightcrawler and still upset that he's dead this version is showing a different side to the character and due to him living in the AoA universe he has had to do stuff that the normal Nightcrawler wouldn't which makes this version a prefect addition to the X-Foce whereas the ordinary one would never fit in even with his friendship towards Wolverine. I thought it was also nice to see that Remender is treating AoA Nightcrawler as a different character whilst showing that similarities to the deceased version from the regular universe. I also enjoyed how him and Wolverine react in this issue as Wolverine will realise that AoA Nightcrawler can't replace his former friend, whilst AoA Nightcrawler is realising that the Wolverine from this universe is totally different from the one in his universe and how he is starting to like this version of Wolverine.

This issue also has a surprising decision from Psylocke (I won't tell you what this decision is as to avoid spoiling it) which added more drama to the issue and I loved how this affected X-Force. If X-Forces life wasn't getting bad enough it was then interesting to see Psylocke's shocking decision followed by a decision by Fantomex that also hurt the morale of X-Force.

I also liked the surprise villains that were revealed near the end of the issue and it's interesting to see that they aren't working alone. It will also be interesting to see what they have planed for X-Force in next issue and what their client has planned next.

Final Verdict

Perfect start to a new story and Remender continues adding new elements to the series whilst nodding to previous stories. I would highly recommend this issue and am looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Rating: 5/5