Thursday, 6 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #26

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Phil Noto

After reading the previous issue I have been starting to love this series once again and am extremely happy with how good it's been. I have also been enjoying what Rick Remender has been doing with this series and how he is making this the must own X-series out the now.


This issue sees Wolverine and AoA Nightcrawler at the mercy of The Omega Clan who have been programmed to believe that the X-Force killed their parents whilst Deadpool tries to save them. Meanwhile Fantomex is dealing with a fake Psylocke whilst the real Psylocke is dealing with a disapproving Professor X and Archangel.


This was a terrific comics and a brilliant continuation to this great story. Remender continues to produce some amazing work on this series and is turning it into something special. I loved how this issue he's been able to split the story between the different groups giving enough time to each group whilst making the issue flow very smoothly. I also like how he leaves sequences on cliffhangers whilst switching between the individual stories adding more suspense and drama to the issue. I also like how he's been able to add to the character development throughout this issue as you can see the character and group changes due to the situations they are in.

The art in this issue is simply outstanding and Phil Noto has done a brilliant job. Besides Jerome Opena he has probably produced some of the best art during this series and is a pleasure to look at. I love the expressions he puts into the characters faces throughout the issue and even though some of them are a bit stiff looking I much prefer it to some of the series you see that have very little character expression or emotion. The way he drew both versions of the Omega Clan were brilliant and with Omega Red (not the Omega Red original) especially, you can tell that despite the ageing and the enhanced features, they are the same people. Dean White also continues to contribute some brilliant colours to this series adding tones of tone and mood.

I loved how this issue expanded on the Omega Clan's back story and was happy to see that the assassins created by White Sky last issue having created memories was relevant. I also liked that due to these memories it didn't matter what the X-Force said to them and that they would still do anything to get the justice they feel they deserve. It was also interesting to see that the member who goes under the Omega Red name was leading the group and doing all the talking. I though this was fitting as due to them getting their powers from the remains of the original Omega Red it made sense that the one that looked like him who was also using his name lead the group.

The reveal of the fake Psylocke (won't reveal who it is to avoid spoilers) in this issue was brilliant and I loved her reaction when she found out that Fantomex knew all along. I also enjoyed how this broke into a fight and although not much happend this issue it will be interesting to see how the fight between Fantomex and the fake Psylocke turns out next issue. Fantomex's involvement in this issue overall was also very interest and how he is dealing with his feelings for the real Psylocke and leaving the X-Force.

Psylocke's journey in this issue was also brilliant and almost as interesting as the events between the Omega Clan and the remaining members of X-Force. It was also interesting to see her encounter with two well known friends and her reaction to their reasoning for visiting her.

I have also been enjoying Quentin Quire quarrel with Genesis due to him being the child version of Apocalypse. It was also nice to see the sadness and disappointment how the teachers stick up for him as he never asked to be what he was and has been doing everything he can to prevent becoming Apocalypse. Seeing Genesis' involvement in this story reminds me of the first Uncanny X-Force story which is nice and it also gives me the feeling that the series is possibly going to end similar to how it started.

The bloated Wolverine in this issue was hilarious. I don't know if it was meant to get this kind of reaction but seeing what I would imagine a cross between Wolverine and Blob would look like is funny. Besides the humour to this I also liked that we see Wolverine in a vulnerable state and although we have seen Wolverine literally go through hell in the past (see Wolverine Goes to Hell) we have never seen Wolverine like this. It was different to see that despite all the effort Wolverine tried to attempt any form of attack that there was nothing he could do to defend himself leaving him completely at the Omega Clan's mercy.

Final Verdict

A brilliant continuation to what is shaping up to be a great story. With the introduction of some new villains with a classic conection I would highly recommend this issue as well as the story so far and am looking forward to seeing what's in store for the X-Force next issue.

Rating: 5/5