Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #28

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Julian Totino Tedesco

This story has been brilliant so far and I am very happy that I'm starting to catch up with this series. Having not read the series prior to this story since The Dark Angel Saga it's nice to re join the series in a similar style storyline, which is as good if not better.


This issue sees the X-Force go to the future to avoid being killed by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the present. There they are greeted by Deathlok who's been expecting them. Whilst in the future Deathlok plans to show the X-Force how bad the world has become and the people in charge of this world doesn't like that.


A brilliant issue and the start of a great side story. I wasn't too sure if I was going to like this issue as I usually hate when stories sidetrack away from the main storyline but Rick Remender has done a brilliant job with this side story which actually adds a lot of bonus information to the main story. I also liked how this again reminds me of the Dark Angel Saga as during that storyline the X-Force travelled to the Age of Apocalypse universe. I also liked how Remender was able to put a lot more focus on the individual members of the X-Force in this issue as with not as high a danger present they have a small amount of time to relax giving Remender more opportunity to develop the characters whilst having them interact with each other.

I liked Julian Totino Tedesco artwork throughout this issue but would have preferred if Phil Noto was still doing the art. Besides that his art was still very good and suited the tone of this series and if they are going to give another artist a shot it's best to have it during a side story. The detail in the close up panels are brilliant but the detail in the wider panels that have the characters further away aren't quite as detailed which was slightly disappointing. I initially thought that Tedesco didn't put enough emotion or facial expressions into the issue but as it progressed I started to notice them more whilst realising that the earlier pages weren't meant to have as much emotion as they just got there.

I was extremely happy to see Deathlok return in this issue as I liked him in the series when I was last reading and out of the member's that have left the team he is the one that I missed the most. Yes he has made appearances in series like Wolverine and the X-Men but he was a lot better in this series and added a lot to it. I also liked how the team reacted to the greeting from Deathlok and how Wolverine in particular just wanted him to get to the point so they could go back to their present.

The emotional struggle within Psylocke in this issue was also very well done as she wasn't to sure whether to morn the death of Fantomex or not due to knowing that he manipulated her into loving him. I also liked how the evolved E.V.A consoles Psylocke during this time telling her that Fantomex believed that she would make the world a better place and that she shouldn't ruin his sacrifice.

The world being in a state that could be considered a paradise or hell depending on your perspective was a brilliant idea and I was happy to see it. It along with the people who are in charge made the X-Force's jump to the future justifiable and also shows a possible future. I was also happy to see that this possible future is similar to what some people may expect to happen and that even though it reveals what will happen in the future because the present X-Force have seen this it won't necessarily happen now. I am also interested to see to what lengths the rulers of this world will go to to prevent Deathlok or the X-Force from changing it.

It was also nice to see Deadpool get some more talking time during this issue as apart from his mission into White Sky he's not really contributed much in this story. I also enjoyed how the present Deadpool interacted with his future self and how even his future self found himself annoying. The comedy from Deadpool throughout this issue was brilliant and Remender can write Deadpool as funny as anyone else. I also enjoyed Deadpool's conversation with AoA Nightcrawler and how it once again reminds readers (especially newer readers) that Deadpool has lost his healing factor and that his work with the X-Force leaves him in a constant life and death situation.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue and a great side story to the Final Execution storyline. I would highly recommend buying this issue but for but if you would prefer to save money missing both this issue and the next issue shouldn't spoil the story too much.

Rating: 5/5