Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Uncanny X-Force #29

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Julian Totino Tedesco

This has been an amazing series and this storyline is shaping up to be not only the best Uncanny X-Force storyline but one of the best storyline's I have read in years. Rick Remender has really produced some amazing things throughout this series, and series' like this, Venom, Uncanny Avengers and Secret Avengers are what making him one of the best comic book writers in Marvel.


This issue sees the continuation from the last issue where Psylocke tried to kill herself to prevent the future they are in from happening. Both the future and present X-Force now have to do what ever they can to prevent Psylocke from dying, the present X-Force because they care for her and don't want to lose another member and the future X-Force to prevent their universe from changing.


This was a brilliant continuation from last issue which ended on such a great cliffhanger. Although I'm wanting to see the series go back to being the X-Force vs. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants this side story has been interesting and although it isn't quite as good as the side story to The Dark Angel Saga it is still very good and gives the reader something to expect from the remainder of the story. I liked how Remender has been able to add so much drama, suspense and action to this issue as although last issue has some action it was more a chance to give the X-Force a momentary break. I also love how Remender is continuing to develop the characters throughout this series and with characters that have been around as long as the ones in this series that isn't easy but Remender does it so well.

Julian Totino Tedesco continues to do brilliant artwork throughout this issue. His art really suits the style of this series but there were a couple of bits like the sequence between Psylocke and Archangel that weren't quite as good as the rest. Besides this sequence Tedesco has still managed to add loads of detail to the rest of the issue and you can really feel the emotion from the characters coming through the pages. I've also liked how Tedesco has drawn the future and present versions of each characters similarly whilst showing slight differences and ageing.

Psylocke's decision to try and kill at the end of last issue and during this issue really helped push forward this side story and I think if it was just a simple continuation of the X-Force in the future, it wouldn't have been as good. I like how she has decided to take matters into her own hands as she didn't want this future to become a reality. The reaction from both the present and future X-Foce was brilliant and I liked how even though the future X-Force had a different agenda towards saving Psylocke that the future Wolverine showed actual concern for whether she lives or dies beyond keeping the universe he lives in.

Although as I mentioned I wasn't overly keen on the art during the sequence between Archangel and Psylocke, the sequence itself was brilliant and added some hope and light to the story. The emotions between the two characters were brilliant and it was nice to see the two of them manage to have a conversation with each other (as she can't have a conversation with the real Archangel as his memory was erased). I also liked how Psylocke was able to get all the guilt she's been carrying around with her since she killed him and it was also nice to see her get a little closure on the subject.

I was also happy to see that Deadpool was getting time to tell jokes in this issue as when the story returns to the X-Force vs. the Brotherhood I don't see much chance for that to continue, although I hope Remender finds a way of doing so without taking away from the story itself. I also liked Deadpools interaction with the Punisher of the future and how he gets Punisher to the point where he wants to kill him. I would have however preferred if Deadpool had gotten the chance to talk to the future Cable as they have had so much history together and it would have been interesting to see what Deadpool though of the future Cable.

Final Verdict

A brilliant issue and a great way to end this side story to what has been overall a terrific story. I would highly recommend this issue as well as the story so far and am looking forward to seeing what the X-Force will do when they're back to the present.

Rating: 5/5