Saturday, 30 March 2013

So What's Happening with Batman Incorporated After Issue 12?

Grant Morrison's second series of Batman, Incorporated is about to come to a close after issue 12, cultivating in the end of his long run on Batman, but is the series going to continue, and if so who will write it? Also will Chris Burnham stay as artist if the series continues?

This series has been much better than the previous Batman Incorporated series, and I have loved how it has used Robin (Damian Wayne), much more in it, especially considering that Talia al Ghul is the main villain in the series. The death of Damian also came as a bit of a shock, and although it was spoiled in the media before hand I was still slightly shocked that Morrison would kill a character that has been the basis for some of the best Batman stories (my opinion), and although he's stated that the character was created to be killed at a later date, I'm still upset about it. With the burial of Damian in Batman, Incorporated #9 there is still 3 issues left in Morrison's story, and I come back to the question will this series continue, and who will be the creative team if so?

I have to say I think it'd be better if the series ends with the end of Morrison's run, as he created this series prior to the New 52, and the main reason it was added to the Second Wave of the New 52 was because Morrison wanted to end his run on Batman properly, especially after cutting the previous run short. I do however think that DC won't do this as they are a money making company, and they will see the cancellation of the series as a loss of money, so in that case if it does continue who should write it, and what type of story should it be?

I think that if the series is to continue after the end of Morrison's run that it needs a person that is well seasoned in writing Batman. Someone like Judd Winick or Tony Daniel. Now I know that these options may not be to everyone's liking, but they have done good stories based on Batman in the past, with Under the Hood from Winick, and Battle for the Cowl for Daniels, and with none of them working on series following Morrison's finale they could easily take over. Also Daniels stated in a tweet following Andy Diggle leaving Action Comics that he'll only be writing that up till issue 21, and then he has something that's been pre-planned, is this the writing duties on Batman Inc.?

What direction should the series take if the series is to continue? I think that if it's to continue that it should become a fully team book, and focus less on Batman. I think that it should have characters the likes of Batwing, Chief Man-of-Bats, Squire (who's taken over as Knight following Cyril's death), and the other international members of Batman Inc. I think it should be something like this for a couple of reasons, one that there is too many Batman title that feature Batman, and Batman as a character is stretched over too many series, the other reason it that if the series is to continue it should be nothing like Morrison's run, besides the core concept of Batman Inc. as a world team, as if the series isn't going to end with Morrison, the style of story that he's written should.

Also as mentioned in an article on, Volume 2 of Batman Incorporated collects issues 7-13, and only credits Morrison, Burnham, and Jason Masters, so is Morrison's story going to last one extra issue like it did with Action Comics, is there a one-shot issue that follows by a new creative team, or is it a miss print to get us thinking? Either way it's something to think of, and I'm sure we'll find out the fate of Batman Inc. soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this feature and please feel free to leave a comment expressing your thought on this topic, and what you think should happen with the Batman Incorporated series.