Thursday, 28 March 2013

What Series' Could Fill the New 52 Come June or July

With all the cancellations before the month of June the June solicits only have 50 titles featured, and not the 52 that DC has had each month (bar zero month which had more) following that start of the New 52. I've decided to take some time to give my thoughts on what series may fill this slot, and if I think they should. I'll mention 5 series that I feel have a chance of filling these two spots, and why they should, or should not be part of the New 52.

Justice League International

Yes there already has been a Justice League International series in the New 52, and although it was cancelled it looks like it has the chance of being revived, or at least a series similar to it. Back in January R. B. Silva posted a lot of images on his Instagram , and although this may be just coincident it had a lot of people, and websites talking about yet another Justice League series coming out. The line-up would appear to show a Justice League International style line-up with Hawkman, Booster Gold, Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Shazam! (Billy Batson), Red Tornado, Black Canary and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) being included. It also had comments added to these issues with Silva saying, "I can’t talk about it. :)" So with this it looks like whether now, or later this will be a big contender for a New 52 title, and I see it happening sooner, and most likely being one of the remaining two series. I do however hope that it's got a different tile than Justice League International, as I think it would have made cancelling the previous series pointless, and I don't think it's been long enough for DC to be reviving cancelled titles, even if they do have good material, just make a similar title with a different name. The line-up also interests me, as with a previous Justice League International member, a current Justice League of America member, and a member that looks to be joining the normal Justice League team will they be on two teams. What would be interesting however would be the return of Booster Gold, as he's not appeared since the end of Justice League International Annual #1. I probably however wouldn't get this series, as I wasn't overly interested in the previous JLI series.


Shazam! has been featuring in the Justice League back-ups for well over a year now, and with his origin story coming to an end following Justice League #21 could he get his own title? It's obvious that he'll feature as a member of the Justice League some time soon, but with the the popularity of this back-up story is there a chance that Shazam! will get his own series? This is one I see getting made into a series sooner, or later, and it's one that I'd love to read. Do I think it will be one that fills one of the remaining gaps in the New 52? If I was being honest I don't think he will. I think it's been a good back story in the Justice League series, but I think that this was only planned to give newer readers some background history on the character before introducing him to the team, as he's a more complex character, and although he has a big fan base it's not quite as big as the likes of Batman or Superman. I also don't think that Geoff Johns would have the time to write the series, and I also don't think that Gary Frank would be able to commit doing a full size issue each month, but if it ever got as good a writer, and artist as these two I'd be happy, but as I doubt it will any time soon I kinda hope Shazam! doesn't get a series, but I'd like to see it happen sometime in the not too distant future.

Red Robin

Many fans have been upset with the way Tim Drake has been used in the New 52, and more so with the changes of his origin. There are also a lot of Tim Drake fans that get Teen Titans as a way to see the former Robin, and would love nothing more than to see him get his own ongoing series. So should he get it, and will he? I think he will as there has been a lot of ask for it, and you have to remember he did star in his own ongoing series' for the better part of 20 years, in both Robin, and Red Robin. It would also be nice to see Tim back in Gotham City more often, and mixing it with Batman more often as well, as since the start of the New 52 he's not really been in Gotham much. I also think that DC are more likely to give it to Tim as he's going down an interesting path in Teen Titans the now, plus they love adding Batman related series whenever they can, and although I don't think this is a good enough reason to give Tim a series, I'd still love to see one anyway. I do however think that it needs a more consistent writer, as although I've enjoyed Scott Lobdell on Teen Titans it has been inconsistent.


Another character that many feel should have had his own series by now is Cyborg. He's the only original member of the New 52 Justice League not to have his own series, and I for one feel that a bit unfair. I understand that DC would be skeptical with two members that haven't always done good in solo series in the past, with both Cyborg, and Aquaman getting solo series, so I understand that they haven't done both, just going with Aquaman, but the Aquaman series is brilliant so why can't Cyborg have a brilliant series. I think the reason for this is that there isn't a good enough writer that can work on the character, and until someone like Geoff Johns frees up time, I doubt there'll be one. I would however love to see Cyborg in his own series, and I think that DC putting him in the center a bit more, giving him a bigger role in Throne of Atlantis, which followed into Justice League #18 hows that they're trying to do more with him, and you never know he may one day get his own series, but I don't think it's the now.

Martian Manhunter

Another character that fans have been wanting to see get his own series is Martian Manhunter. A lot of fans have been upset with the new Justice League origin having the Martian Manhunter replaced with Cyborg, and have wanted a series for the character. But should it be a solo series? He's appeared in Stormwatch, and more recently Justice League of America, but is it time for J'onn J'onzz to get his own series? No. Simple as that, he's just started appearing in the back-up stories of the new Justice League of America series, so I don't think it'd be right giving him his own series at the same time, and I doubt DC would do this anyway. I'm not saying that he shouldn't get his own series some time, but not just now. I personally have never been a huge fan of the character, but I'm not putting any personal feelings into this, as I'm actually enjoying seeing him in the JLA series, and feel that he should only feature there the now, especially considering DC have cancelled things like The Savage Hawkman (although it deserved to get cancelled). I also feel that having Martian Manhunter solely in the JLA seires is the right thing, as it builds up the opinion of skeptics like me, giving a bigger fan base when the time comes for him to have his own series, and it builds up the excitement for if it happens, which I'm sure it will someday.

So what are the two series I think will fill the spot out of these? I would like it to be Shazam!, and Red Robin, but I think I'll only get one of them as I feel DC are more likely to do a Red Robin series, and a Justice League International style series, although I wouldn't be surprised with DC if it lands up being none of these.

Thanks for taking the time to read this feature and please feel free to leave a comment expressing your thought on this topic, and what you think should fill the remaining two spots in the New 52.