Monday 8 July 2013

Aquaman #15 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Paul Pelletier

This has been a fantastic series, and I have really enjoyed seeing Aquaman as in a brilliant series. Like many other great characters, Geoff Johns has done an amazing job of bringing them back to form, and I don't think this series would last long without his brilliant writing.


This issue sees a continuation of Justice League #15, where a lot of the land has been covered in water. Aquaman, and Batman save as many people as they can in Gotham City, whilst Superman and Wonder Woman does the same in Metropolis. Aquaman also confronts Ocean Master in this issue.


A brilliant continuation to a great story. Geoff Johns has done a brilliant job continuing this story, and I love how even though it benefits reading Justice League #15, this issues been written in a way that you don't real have to. I've also liked how he's made this issue centred more around Aquaman, whilst keeping the other characters involved. I did however think that the story hadn't progressed as much as I'd hoped it was but hope the next part will. This issue story wise was however better than Justice League #15, and with the Ocean Master being properly introduced to the story the rest should be even better.

The art from Paul Pelletier was very good, but not fantastic. I knew the artist replacing Ivan Reis wouldn't be better than him, but I think that after becoming accustomed to his great art that Pelletier's art looks more worse than it actually is. His art on the whole is actually very good, it's just the odd inconsistency, and lack of detail that lets it down slightly. I also thought that he drew the movement of objects like fire and water brilliantly, and that he showed the anger in Ocean Mater's face perfectly. I also liked how he drew the other members of the Justice League in this issue, but did think that their hair looked a bit odd at times, especially whilst moving or in the distance.

Wonder Woman Defending Superman
Near the start of this issue Superman is trying to reason with Vulko, but after Vulko, who's in a panic and hurry, punches Superman, Wonder Woman steps in telling him that she will decapitate him if he does that again. With Superman and Wonder Woman spending as much time as they have together recently it was interesting seeing Wonder Woman defending him, although she probably would have anyway. It was also nice to see Vulko having a role in this story as I've been quite interested in finding out what he knows, and can do, since Aquaman #0.

Batman and Aquaman Escape Death
The interaction between Aquaman and Batman in this issue was also very interesting, and I liked that Batman started to understand how hard this situation is for Aquaman. It was also interesting to see how they both reacted to the situation at hand, with Aquaman hoping for a peaceful solution, and Batman seeing the more realistic solution of taking Ocean Master down.

It was also nice seeing Mera still have a role in this series, even if it isn't much, as she's been a great side character throughout this series, and helped Aquaman a lot. It was also interesting to see that the assault from Atlantis was to much for her, and although she tried very hard to help, her powers weren't enough.

The Trench also make a brief appearance in this issue, which is interesting as they haven't been in the series for quite a few issues. It will also be interesting to see what part if any these creatures have in this story, as if they are involved than the Justice League's job will be even harder than it already is.

The Justice League Steps In
Nearer the end of this issue Aquaman requests to have a shot at bringing Ocean Master in quietly, by himself. The anger in Ocean Master, whilst talking to Aquaman is easy to see, and he appeared to be more angry after finding Aquaman than before. During this conversation the Justice League decide that it's not going as easy as Aquaman said it would, and step in. This movement angers Ocean Master even more, and also makes Aquaman question even more about who's side he's on. This sequence alone looks like it's going to make the story even better, as with Aquaman torn between the Justice League, and Atlantis it will be interesting to see who he chooses.

Final Verdict

This was a tremendous issue and a great continuation to what is looking to be an brilliant story. The only reason this loses a couple of points in the ratings is because the story hasn't progressed quite, as much as I hoped it to be, and the art isn't fantastic. I would however still recommend this issue, as well as Justice League #15 which was also out this week, and am looking forward to the continuation of this story in Justice League #16.

Rating: 4/5

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