Monday, 8 July 2013

Justice League #15 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis

I have been a fan of this series since the start, and although it's had a couple of rough patches it's still been an excellent series, and one of my favourites in the New 52. Geoff Johns has done an excellent job writing this series, and although I was a little upset when I heard Jim Lee wouldn't be doing the art after issue12, his replacement Ivan Reis is just as good. Reis addition to this series does however mean that he will no longer be doing art on the brilliant Aquaman series, but Aquaman's loss is Justice Leagues gain.


After being accidentally attacked by missiles, Atlantis initiate the Atlantean War Plans, and engulf Gotham City, and Metropolis, as well as other locations in water killing people. This issue also sees Superman taking Wonder Woman on a date.

Shazam! Part 8

In the backup story featuring Shazam! (Billy Batson), Shazam stops multiple robbery attempts and also learns that he can fly.


This was a brilliant start to the Throne of Atlantis crossover. It isn't the best issue of Justice League I have ever read, but it is slightly better than the last issue, and very good considering that it's starting a brand new story, which crosses over into another series. I liked how Johns continued this from the last issue of Justice League with Superman and Wonder Woman continuing their discussion from the last issue, and how this new story is slipped in during this. I also loved how the Justice League was split into smaller groups, with Aquaman and Batman working together, Superman and Wonder Woman working together, and Cyborg in the Justice League Watchtower. The location of Flash is also questionable during this issue, but I just assume that this didn't affect him, or he was preoccupied with something else.

As I said I loved the art, and warmly welcome Ivan Reis as the new Justice League artist. His art in Aquaman, and Blackest Night was brilliant, and having already drawn most of the Justice League members in the past, whether in the regular universe, or the cover of Earth 2 #1, so he was the perfect choice to replace Jim Lee as the artist on Justice League. Don't get me wrong I loved Tony Daniel's art over the last couple of issues, as I said in my reviews, but Reis' art has something more appealing towards it. He's also the perfect choice for this story because he's been drawing Aquaman for over a year now, and with this story mainly focusing on him and Atlantis, it makes sense to have Reis. Besides this Reis art is simply beautiful, and has ton's of detail. Rod Reis also does a brilliant job with the colouring of this issue, and he really makes Ivan Reis' art even more beautiful. I especially like how he get's the shine on the costumes, mainly Superman's S.

Aquaman in Gotham
Aquaman visits Gotham in this issue to ask Batman for help. I wouldn't have seen this coming, as with both characters being very proud and stubborn I'd have thought that Aquaman would have only asked for help at the last resort. I did however like that Aquaman starts by helping Batman, and that he acknowledges that they don't always see eye to eye. It was also interesting in this issue, as Batman appears to be sorry for Aquaman when he tells him about being torn between the land and the sea. I also found it funny when one of the cops who's cousin works in Boston (where Aquaman's from) makes jokes comparing Batman and Aquaman after another Cop asks if his cousin works with Aquaman, like James Gordon works with Batman.

It was also interesting seeing at the start of the issue the reason why Atlantis put it's War Plans into effect, and it also leaves a lot of questions about who changed the co-ordinates of the missile. This did however give Ocean Master the perfect excuse for attacking the land, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was somehow behind it.

Superman Explaining to Wonder Woman
why Clark Kent is his Mask
Superman continues explaining to Wonder Woman about why Clark Kent is his mask, and not Superman. Although there was all the Throne of Atlantis stuff going on in this issue this was the sequence that I liked the most. Any Superman fan knows the reason for Clark Kent being Superman's mask, but it was interesting seeing him explain it to Wonder Woman, who doesn't know much about secret identities, as she's always Wonder Woman. The date between Wonder Woman and Superman in this issue was also interesting, and I loved that Clark showed her how to hide her identity like he does, by putting glasses, and a suit on her, and having her hair tied up.

Shazam Can Fly
The Shazam! backup story was once again brilliant, and always worth reading. Although it's not been the best part in the Shazam! story it was still very fun and the set up for the next part was brilliant. Gary Frank really does a terrific job on the artwork, and really brings this story to life, with ton's of detail. I also enjoyed seeing Shazam! fly for the first time in this issue, and how he reacted to the prospect of being a child again. Freddy Freeman has also been a brilliant friend to Billy and it's nice that Billy becoming Shazam! has made them closer friends, as they were far from friends at the start of this story. It was also nice to see Shazam! stopping robbers, and I'm really looking forward to the next part, which should be the best yet.

Final Verdict

A good start, and I hope that this will be a great crossover. I would highly recommend this issue, as well as Aquaman #15, which was also out this week, and am looking forward to Justice League #16, and the continuation of the Throne of Atlantis storyline.

Rating: 4/5

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