Monday, 15 July 2013

Uncanny X-Force #35 Review

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Phil Noto

This has been one of my favourite series since it started, and although I've not read the entire series (have read most of it though) I am sad to see it ending. This series didn't just shape the X-Force into something, better, and more unique than ever before, but it also drastically changed my opinion on Rick Remender's writing, having only read his work on the Punisher prior to this, which I felt was mediocre, and far from brilliant. This series however was brilliant, and Remender has continued this form of excellent writing throughout the series he's worked on since, doing a fantastic job on Venom, and Secret Avengers, whilst also starting his newest series' Uncanny Avengers, and Captain America decently, so at least he's moved on to decent series'.


This issue sees a conclusion to this X-Force series, with Deadpool consulting Genesis, Psylocke talking to her brother Brian (Captain Britain) about the death of Fantomex, and Wolverine morning over the death of his son Daken. There is also a shocking revelation involving Fantomex.


This was a brilliant issue, and a terrific way to end this fantastic series. Although I felt this issue was a bit slow it was still superbly written. Usually this would be an average story, rating wise, but due to it concluding the series, and the amount of emotion in it, as well as the odd surprise, this story goes from average to great. Remender has finished this series in the same fashion he started it, with a great story, that has great surprises, that leaves questions opened. Although he does all this in this issue he also finishes the series in a way where these questions can be answered in other series, and doesn't make you fell like they need to be answered here. I also liked how he gave each character their own time, as after the events of Final Execution all the remaining members of the X-Force as well as Genesis have a lot to think about, or grieve over, so it was nice to give them their own space. I also liked how he brought the whole team back at the end of the issue, so that it still felt like a team book.

The art was once again phenomenal, and Phil Noto has really done an excellent job. I have loved his art over the Final Execution storyline, so was happy to see him finishing the series off. The art over the entire series has been good, but besides Jerome Opena, and Esad Ribic's art Noto's art has been my favourite throughout, and what really kept this series to the quality it was during the final story. The detail in his artwork is outstanding, and no matter what he's drawing he does it justice. I also loved the way he drew the emotions throughout this issue, as with everything that has happened over the last few issues, most of the X-Force will be carrying some emotional baggage for a while. I also liked that he kept the emotions in the character's to their characteristics, with Wolverine being very moody, and stiff whilst only showing a hint of sadness, whereas Psylocke who doesn't have to much of a problem showing her emotions lets it out, and appears to be in a confused state, as she loved Fantomex, but at the same time, still though that him killing the kid Apocalypse wasn't right.

Wolverine at Daken's Grave
Daken's death in the last issue was a bit of a shock for me, and since then I've personally not known how to feel. I've always liked Daken as a character so him dying was a bid annoying, and especially considering he wasn't long back from the dead as it was, but at the same time I understood why it needed to be done, and don't think the ending of the Final Execution story would have been as good otherwise. Anyway this issue shows Wolverine morning over the death of Daken, as after all he was his son. The emotion him was perfectly done, and I loved how Daken was buried next to his mother. I also liked that there was more of a reason to Wolverine killing Daken than just stopping him from turning Genesis into Apocalypse, and also loved that it involved stuff speculated earlier in the story.

Family Discussion
During this issue Psylocke speaks to her brother Brian about the death of Fantomex, and how she's sorry if her having feelings for Fantomex upset him. Brian then goes on to say that he's not upset as the Fantomex that killed the kid Apocalypse, and the Fantomex that she loved where different people. He then goes on to explain why, but I won't mention as I thought it was a nice surprise in the issue, so don't want to spoil it. The sequence however was very nice, as well as being emotional. I've always liked bothe Psylocke, and Captain Britain if written properly, and love seeing them together, as although they're brother and sister you don't actually see them together much.

Helping Words from Deadpool
Also in this issue Deadpool, in normal costume (due to X-Force being disbanded) visits Genesis who is practising some meditation to help with his Apocalypse problem. During this sequence Deadpool gives Genesis some advice, saying that he isn't Apocalypse, and that he wouldn't become him. He then goes on to say that everyone has the potential to do both good, and evil things, and that being the supposed future Apocalypse doesn't change that, it's the choices we make. I liked this sequence as we don't usually see Deadpool giving serious advice. Although this was a little surprising it wasn't totally, as like Deadpool said during this sequence they have been through a lot together. This was my favourite sequence in this issue, and it was a surprise, as I would have never have thought that I would like a serious Deadpool as much as I did in this. I did however also like that before and after this period of seriousness Deadpool acted his usual joky self, which made the sudden seriousness more natural.

There was also another surprise involving Fantomex near the end of the issue which I won't spoil. All I will say is I thought it was very well thought out, and that it was the surprise that this final issue needed, and whether you buy this issue or not you need to at least look it up, especially if you're a Fantomex fan.

Final Verdict

This was a tremendous issue, and the series couldn't have ended any better. I am sad that the series is ending but I am happy that it ended the way it did, and that Remender will be on decent series. I would highly recommend this to anyone whether you've read X-Force before or not, as it's terrific, and that if you're a new reader to this series I'd advice getting the other issues, whether in comic form, or the collected trade paperbacks, as it's a brilliant series, and you'd be glad you got it.

Rating: 5/5