Wednesday 7 August 2013

All-New X-Men #8 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez

I have really been enjoying this series so far, and it has been one of my favourite series in the Marvel NOW! concept. Although it's not been the most consistent of the Marvel NOW! series, it has been very fun, and there hasn't been one issue that I didn't enjoy.


The younger Angel gets to have some time with the current Angel, and isn't too happy with what he hears. Also HYDRA attack Avengers Tower, and the Avengers pay Wolverine's X-Men a visit.


Another brilliant issue, and although not the best issue in the series it's still one of the better. After reading the disappointing Age of Ultron #1 I was happy to be reminded with this issue that Brian Michael Bendis isn't a rubbish writer all the time. Bendis has done a brilliant job of integrating the younger X-Men with the current, and I have enjoyed what I've seen so far. Bendis continues to give us plenty of action in this issue, and also gives us some funny moments, and some questionable ones. Bendis also did a not too bad job on the Avengers for many years, so it was nice to see him write them again. When I see his writing in series like this, and Guardians of the Galaxy I question why he produces comics like Age of Ultron #1.

David Marquez' artwork continues to amaze me, and I'm actually sad to see him leave this series (at least he'll be returning to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man). Nothing against Stuart Immonen's art, as I'm looking forward to seeing him back as the artist of this series, but I was really enjoying seeing Marquez' art on this series as it's phenomenal. Marquez' art is very detailed, and there isn't one panel that lacks detail. I also like the way that Marquez shows the emotions in the characters, as I liked that the sequence between the two Angel's had a lot of puzzled, and fun expressions, whereas the sequence with the young Jean Grey at the end was a bit more serious. I also love how Marquez draws action sequences as they are stunning. I really hope that Marquez get's put on one of the big Marvel NOW! titles on a permanent basis, as he is a brilliant artist.

The majority of this issue showed the confrontation between the two Angel's. Although this hasn't been the best confrontation in the series so far it was still very good, and probably the funniest, and most entertaining. Having read the The Dark Angel Saga I was able to see exactly what turned Angel into this mindless hippy that we have now, so it was very fun seeing him try and explain it. I also liked that we actually got to see more of the current Angel. Having dropped Wolverine and the X-Men (which current Angel featured in) I don't know if anythings changed in the Angel character since then, but when I was reading it nothing really changed since Dark Angel Saga, and Angel seemed to be a more complicated character than before, and didn't really interact much. Anyway the best part about this sequence was the reaction from the younger Angel, as he was a bit shocked to see what becomes of him. I also loved the fight sequences that involved the two Angel's working together.

HYDRA's involvement. To be honest I found the addition of HYDRA in this issue to be a bit random. Okay, it was a good way of having the Avengers make a cameo appearance, but still a little too random for me. Anyway as I said the Angel's get to fight HYDRA in this issue, which was brilliant. The only small complaint I have at this sequence, and I'm nitpicking here is, how can two superhuman's, one who's not all right in the mental department, and the other who's not got much experience beat HYDRA. Besides that the action was brilliant, and it gave for more brilliant interaction from the two Angel's.

Another thing that wasn't as good as I expected was the Avengers appearance. When I heard that the Avengers would be making an appearance in this issue I was very exited, but after reading it I was disappointed. The issue took way to much time showing the two Angel's interact, and fight HYDRA, and although it was a good sequence I'd have preferred to have seen more of the Avengers. The sequence involving the Avengers was however brilliant, and although we didn't really see much of them during that I loved Kitty Pryde, and Iceman making fun of Beast and Captain America, pretending to know what they're saying (which by the look of it was spot on). I also felt that the interaction between Cap, and the younger Cyclops could have lasted a bit longer.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue, and although it's not the best in the series so far, it is not far behind. The series as a whole has been amazing, and I can't get enough of it. I'd recommend both this issue, and the series, and am looking forward to the next issue.

Rating: 4/5

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