Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Swamp Thing #18 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Yanick Paquette

This has been one of my favourite series out at this moment, and my second favourite from DC. I have been following this series since the start of Rotworld (also picking up Vol. 1, and planing on getting Vol. 2 of the TPB) and have really enjoyed it. Unfortunately the last issue was catastrophically poor, and I was dreading that Scott Snyder's fantastic run on this series would end badly, but fortunately it hasn't.


The Parliament of Decay has sent Swamp Thing back in time, and gives him the chance to stop Anton Arcane once and for all, but it means sacrificing Abby.



What a fabulous ending to a phenomenal run. Although I haven't read the entire run from Scott Snyder I have loved nearly every issue I have, and have heard good things about the others, so it was nice to see his run end this way. This wasn't just a brilliant issue, but in my opinion it's the best in the series so far (at least from what I've read), and a fitting end to Snyder's story. It was nice to see Snyder give us a very emotional story for his final issue, as the thing I loved the most about the first volume of this series was the emotion shown between Alec, and Abby. I also liked that this story kind of reflected the fact that Snyder, and Yanick Paquette were leaving the series, as the story ended showing that this is the end of his story, but still open for someone to take over. I also like that like Snyder leaving the series, that someone was leaving Swamp Thing.

I was ecstatic that Yanick Paquette was working on the art for this issue, and even more considering the atrocious art in the last issue. Anyway taking that fact aside, Paquette was the artist that started this series with Snyder, so if anyone's going to finish his run at the same time, it's fitting that it's Paquette. Besides that Paquette's art on this series has been the best Swamp Thing art that I have ever seen, and Kano will have to do something extremely phenomenal to beat it. Paquette's art is nothing short of beautiful, and I love the detail, and emotion that he puts into it. The design, and layout in Paquette's artwork is also brilliant, as it shows more of the emotion. Nathan Fairbairn's colours were also fantastic, and made Paquette's artwork look even more beautiful.

I loved that we got to see Swamp Thing fight Anton Arcane. To be honest this issue in general was everything that the last issue should have been, as to have a poor ending to a story, followed by a killer epilogue issue isn't what I want as a reader. Don't get me wrong, I'll, take what I can get, and would rather this issue be brilliant, then both be poor, but it doesn't feel right knowing that the epilogue was better than the finale. Anyway back to the fight. The fight was fantastic, and Snyder, and Paquette really just gave it their all to show the conviction in Alec, and the twisted thoughts in Arcane.

My favourite part in this issue had to be the sequence between Alec, and Abby. As I said earlier one of the things I love about this series has been the development of their relationship, and how Alec has been willing to die to save Abby. This however had to be the most emotional, as Abby had to sacrifice herself to stop Arcane, and save the world. Just the way Alec reacted to having to kill Abby lit a huge fire under him, and made his rage against Arcane even grater. It was however nice to see Abby as the avatar of the Rot was brilliant, and she looked awesome.

It was also nice to see the Parliament of Trees in this issue. The Parliament has been the main backing for Alec in this series, and although he's mainly been doing it to stop Arcane, and save Abby, he's had a lot of support so it was nice to see them. The way they supported Alec in his hour of grief was nice, and it was also nice that they didn't push him into staying as Swamp Thing.

The future for Alec, and Abby? The way this issue ended it doesn't look like Alec, and Abby will be seeing each other anytime soon, maybe not ever, which is a shame. The story between the two characters has been really touching, and a brilliant read, but it's probably fitting that the story's ended for a while, with the departure of Snyder, and Paquette. Also the future of Alec as Swamp Thing should be interesting, as before he's had his love for Abby driving him, whereas now that he's not likely to see her anytime soon will we see a change in big green? All this has me hooked on the series, as I was actually considering dropping the series when Snyder, and Paquette left, but I'll probably give the new creative team of Charles Soule, and Kano a chance, even if it's just to see what happens.

Snyder, and Paquette were a brilliant creative team, and it will be sad to see them leave, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Soule, and Kano can do with the series.

Final Verdict

A brilliant ending, to a fabulous run. This was probably the most emotional issue in the series so far, and in my opinion the best. I would highly recommend both this issue, and the entire series, and am looking forward to seeing what Soule, and Kano do with the series.

Rating: 5/5