Monday 5 August 2013

Animal Man #17 Review

Writers: Jeff Lemire & Scott Snyder
Artists: Steve Pugh & Timothy Green II

I haven't been following this series, but after joining Swamp Thing since the start of Rotworld, I thought that I'd get this which ties-in with Swamp Thing as a finale to Rotworld.


This issue sees the beginning of the final battle against the Rot, and both Animal Man, and Swamp Thing have gathered followers to help in their battle.


This was a very good issue and Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder did a brilliant job of writing it. It cant be easy collaborating during a crossover, as both writers need to create something that fits with both series, and the overall story, whilst keeping their series the way they want them. This crossover only has two issues mainly involved in it, so it's not quite as hard, but I still have to admire what both writers have done, as this crossover has been very good, and I've liked this part so much that I'm considering going back and getting the remaining Animal Man Rotworld issues.

The art in this issue was amazing, and both Steve Pugh, and Timothy Green II did a fantastic job, although I personally preferred Pugh's art. The detail in both artists artwork is phenomenal, and although there are a few minor imperfections, it can easily be forgiven. Pugh does an amazing job of drawing the main part of the story, and he makes Animal Man, and the Red, as well as other characters like Swamp Thing, and Frankenstein look amazing, and his art in this issue is making me want to read the other Animal Man issues even more. I've seen some of Green II's art in the past, and although I've liked it, I've not loved it. I did however nearly love his art in this issue, as I didn't expect him to draw Swamp Thing as good as he did, but he proved me wrong, and although I still prefer both Pugh's drawing of Swamp Thing, as well as his art overall, I will gladly read a comic with Green II's art in it in the future.

The battle itself was epic, and really showed the desperation on all the people involved. I liked that most of the DC superheroes have been effected by the Rot, and although previous issues of Swamp Thing (and I'm sure Animal Man also showed the same) has shown some of earths heroes gruesomely fighting against former friends it was nice to see the exact scale of it.

It was really interesting seeing Animal Man's reaction once he knows that Swamp Thing is also involved in this fight, as they both started this story together, so it's only fitting that they finish it together. What I really liked though was that being a new reader I could still see character development which is probably nothing special to regular readers, as the issue really shows the emotions that Animal Man feels. I especially loved that like Swamp Thing, Animal Man has someone that Anton Arcane has captured, and desperately wants back, in his case his daughter. It's nice that it's his daughter cause if it was his wife or girlfriend it would be too similar too Swamp Thing, and the overall common interest wouldn't feel quite as strong.

I also liked seeing Frankenstein in this issue. I've been considering getting Justice League Dark lately, which is also written by Lemire, so seeing one of their members in this issue was nice. Although I've never read him in the past I liked the look of him since the New 52, and have also been considering getting his own ongoing series, and will now probably get the Rotworld tie-ins (even though they'll probably have a minor effect to the overall crossover). I think he was used brilliantly in this issue, and like Swamp Thing's had Barbara Gordon as a good companion as of late, Frankenstein is a good companion for Animal Man. He really showed a lot of fight in this issue, and I am more interested in the character now than I was before this issue.

It was also nice to see Steel in this issue, and especially considering he's in a more recognizable costume. I hope that he gets this sometime soon in the present, as the suit he's worn in Action Comics makes him look a bit amateurish. He had an interesting role in this issue, but I didn't understand why he was there. He maybe was in previous Animal Man Rotworld issues, but having not read them I don't know. His lack of interaction with any other characters also doesn't help answer this question. If you know please tell me in the comments section.

Final Verdict

This was a very good issue, and starts the Rotworld finale off brilliantly. I would recommend this issue to any reader, new or old, and would defiantly recommend it to anyone that's been following Rotworld, even if like me you just follow Swamp Thing.

Rating: 4.5/5

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