Monday 5 August 2013

Deadpool #5 Review

Writers: Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan
Artist: Tony Moore

Saying that I've enjoyed this series would be a major understatement. I've always been a big Deadpool fan, but I don't think I've liked any of his series' as much as I'm loving this one. Brian Posehn, and Gerry Duggan are doing a fabulous job, and I hope that they can keep up this quality of work.


Deadpool goes into space to prevent Ronald Reagan from destroying America. Plus also killer monkeys.


Another amazing issue of Deadpool, and it continues to amaze me. This issue wasn't the best in the series so far, but it was still very good. If I'm honest I was sceptical about the writing team of Posehn, and Duggan when I first heard that they were working on this series, but they have really blown them thoughts clean out of my mind, as they've created a series that I'm excited about each time it's out, something that Deadpool's not quite done for me in the past. I've really loved the way they've mixed the humour with this weird style of storytelling, and how they've used reference jokes from time to time, even if some of them didn't work for the better, as overall the humor has been not just only something that a Deadpool series needs, but it's taken away from all the gruesome sequences, making them more light heartened.

Tony Moore's art is phenomenal, and I hope that he stays on this series for a long, long time. To be honest I think the story in this series could be crap and I'd still get the series (although it's not) just for Moore's art. It's truly wonderful, and I've never been has happy whilst looking at artwork for Deadpool as I am when I look at Moore's. It's got the gruesome look which really suits the series, and I'm happy that he doesn't beet around the bush when it comes to that. Although most things that happen in Deadpool aren't realistic, if it was Moore's art would be very realistic, as it's very close to what I'd imagine these events looking like in my head. The detail in Moore's art is also brilliant, and it's really hard to fault anything in his art. What I've especially liked about his art in this series is how he's treated the presidents, making them look as true to likeness as he can whilst keeping them as zombies, and how he draws Deadpool under the mask, as a lot of people make it look like nothing at all.

The sequence at the start of this issue was amazingly brilliant. I'll warn now that I will spoil the sequence in this paragraph, but due to it being the very first thing in the issue (and minor) I've decided not to tiptoe round it. Skip the remaining of the paragraph if you're not wanting any spoilers. Well the sequence sees a fan of Deadpool letting him know that he's a fan. Deadpool chucks his mask at the kid, which the kids initially delighted with before noticing the blood on it, which send the kid going crazy. This was brilliant, and I loved that Deadpool couldn't even react with a fan without mentally scaring them.

I've also liked that …has been getting some more development in the last couple of issues, and feel that he's becoming a much more interesting character than he initially was. I also think that he's became much more important than he initially was, which is nice.

Monkey's in space. It's always a blast seeing monkeys in space, but in a Deadpool comic even more so. I really enjoyed the Deadpool issues featuring Hit-Monkey, so this took me back to them moments, and made me want another Hit-Monkey series. Anyway the monkey's in this issue were brutal. I loved the way that Deadpool initially tried to reason with them, as fighting them was hindering his mission. Another thing I liked in this sequence was the Planet of the Apes reference. With monkey's and Deadpool it was bound to happen sooner or later, and although some people may see it as a corny joke I quite liked it.

I also loved that the series continues to acknowledge that Deadpool knows that he, and the Marvel Universe are comic series'. I especially liked the reference about his upcoming video game, as I'm really looking forward to that coming out.

It was also nice to see some surprises in this issue, and some of the more shocking nature. Like usual I won't say specifics, but it was nice that it was something more shocking, and not as predictable as I'd have thought (although it wasn't a total surprise).

The fight between Deadpool and Regan was also interesting. As I said I was really looking forward to seeing Deadpool in space again, and to have him fighting a former president in space was also brilliant. The fight itself was very well though out, and although it wasn't necessarily the best fight in the series so far it was very good, and Moore made it look magical.

I'll finish of my review by stating that the contraption on the cover actually features in the issue. I'm pleased about this as it's a brilliant looking piece of machinery, and I hate when covers have something cool on them without actually having them in the comic.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue, and continues this fabulous series nicely. I highly recommend this to anyone, and especially Deadpool fans, as it's always a good read whenever Deadpool's in space, but this issue is probably the best Deadpool in space issue I've read.

Rating: 4.5/5

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