Monday, 5 August 2013

Thor: God of Thunder #5 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Esad Ribic

This has been one of the best Thor series in a while, and it's the best series Jason Aaron has written since he left the regular Wolverine series. I really hope that Aaron can keep up this level of quality, as it would be a shame if it slipped in quality.


It is revealed why Gorr hates gods so much, and Thor finally catches up with him, but is he too late?


This was a very good issue, but there were a couple of things that bothered me, meaning that this wasn't a perfect issue. In fact in my opinion this is the worst issue in the series so far, but only due to a few technicalities. Aaron does however still gives us a unique an entertaining issue, and the direction he's heading with the series I can see the series being very close to perfection, if not perfect for the foreseeable future. I also think that Aaron knows exactly when to transition between the timelines that this story lies on, as he shows some of the past but pulls it away at the right moment so as to keep the reader in suspense.

The art from Esad Ribic was fabulous, and once again he amazes me. I've really enjoyed Ribic's art throughout this series, and it's easy to see why as it's nothing else but beautiful. The only problem I've had with his artwork in the past has been the awkward expressions, but there are very few of these in this issue, but even if there were it is easily forgettable due to the shear beauty of the artwork, as well as the amount of detail in it.I also really like the suspense, and emotion in Ribic's artwork, as it gives the perfect tone that the issue needs. I also enjoy the way he lays the artwork out, as it gives a very dramatic atmosphere for the comic, which is very nice.

I've really enjoyed Gorr as a villain, and although this issue doesn't really progress him much it does delve into some of his past, and gives a better insight into his goals, and the reasoning behind them. I won't say exactly what any of this is to avoid spoilers, but I personally found it very interesting, and although I felt it slowed the issue down a bit, I'd rather it did, as it gave a lot of development for Gorr as a character.

The issue also delved deeper into how Thor caused the deaths of all these gods. Again I won't speak about what exactly happened to avoid spoilers, but will say a few things. It was stated by a god from the Diamond Moons named Shadrak (God of Wine and Waterfalls) said that Thor was behind the deaths of all the gods. Since then I have been interested to find out a little more about this, so was interested to see the final conclusion of it, and I have to say it was very interesting.

The meeting between the two Thor's (future and present). After the conclusion of the last issue I was looking forward to seeing these two versions of the same character interact, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. The interaction was everything I'd hoped for, and more on top. It was probably the best part about this issue, and I look forward to seeing this continue.

This takes me to my final point, the main problem with this issue. This issue was meant to be the fifth part of a five part story, but the issue doesn't really end the story as it looks to be continuing into a new story. I don't mind these sort of ends to a first story but I'd prefer it was ten part story, or whatever it is instead of two lots of five (or whatever the new story is), as I was really looking forward to a fully blown epic ending in this issue, which was something that I didn't get.

Final Verdict

This was a good issue, but it was a little too slow, and when it started to get exciting the issue ended, but with a fully open ending. I would still recommend this issue as it was good, just not quite good enough. Hopefully however this leads into a new, better story, as I'd be disappointed if this type of ending was for nothing.

Rating: 4/5

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