Wednesday 11 September 2013

Batman/Superman #2 Review

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Jae Lee

The first issue of this series was simply phenomenal and blew my mind. I had always expected great things due to Greg Pak working on it, but I never quite expected this, and I seriously hope that he can continue this as if so this will easily become my favourite comic out the now.


Batman and Superman have been taken to Earth-2 by a the Trickster where they meet their older counterparts.


This was a fantastic issue, but wasn't as good as the last issue. Greg Pak did however do an amazing job of continuing his storyline in this issue, as although it overall was slower paced, it was still very interesting. It also had plenty of dram and emotion throughout, as due to the situation that all the characters have been put in it allowed for some very emotionally driven developments. Pak also did a great job of adding action to the issue, as although most of the issue was slow as to develop the story, there were still a few very exciting moments. The dialogue throughout the issue was also spectacular, and I really enjoyed how Pak handled the interactions between all the characters involved.

The art in this issue was also very good, and Jae Lee once again did a great job. Though I've never really been a fan of Lee's work over the years, due to his style not appealing to me, I have been enjoying it on this series, as although is till dislike how he draws the characters hair, the rest has been very dynamic, suiting the story perfectly. I also once again loved Lee's layouts, which are probably the best thing about his artwork, as they are so unique and dynamic, also adding plenty of depth to the issue. Lee did however once again not show that much emotion in his artwork, as although there were some parts that were better than usual, most of the time the characters look rather stiff and emotionless.

The last issue ended with the revelation of a new character who would be named as Kaiyo, the Trickster. Now I personally found this new Trickster to be rather interesting, and much different to the Trickster that we already know from the DC Universe. I also loved the mysterious nature to this character, as besides the mischievous nature of her, she had a lot that was yet unexplained which made things really interesting. I also love the other mystery as to why she wants these younger versions of Batman and Superman to meet parallel versions of themselves.

This issue would also as I said see both Batman and Superman meet their counterparts from Earth-2. The first out of these meetings would be between the two Supermen, as after the younger Superman starts beating up Earth-2's Batman, the Superman from Earth-2 would interject. The encounter itself was extremely interesting, and probably the better out of the two, as it had a lot of different tones to it which I loved, and the differences between these two Supermen were also very interesting, and the encounter as a whole was very entertaining.

The meeting between the two Batmen was almost as interesting, as although it didn't quite have the same varying tones, it had a very dark and mysterious tone as you would expect from two Batmen. I also loved how opposed to the differences in the Supermen how this would show the similarities that both these characters have, as not having really superpowers there's nothing for them to enhance, besides their pure skill. I also loved seeing Earth-2's version of Catwoman, as after seeing her briefly in Worlds' Finest it was nice to see her again, as well as Batman's reaction to this different version of his enemy.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue, and although not quite as good as the opening issue was it was still very interesting with some very exciting moments. The issue also had a lot of emotion throughout, and the development though at a much slower pace in this issue has still been very interesting. I personally still however am not a huge fan of the artwork, as although I prefer Lee's art on this than anything else I've seen there are still things that I dislike about it. I would however highly recommend this issue as although slightly slow it was still amazing.

Rating: 8/10

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