Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wolverine #6 Review

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Mirco Pierfederici

This has been a interesting series, but the last few issues haven't impressed me too much. I do however still have faith that the series will get better again, and hope that that happens soon.


After almost getting drowned, Wolverine and his small band of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents still have to find a way of regaining control of the Helicarrier, and decide that going through the Microverse may be their best chance.


This was a great issue, and the series is continuing to improve in quality. Paul Cornell did a great job of continuing from the last issue, and although I felt the start was a little rushed, it was still very good, and dramatic. I also loved how Cornell managed to add more action to this issue, as although last issue had some, it didn't have a great lot, though this issue almost made up for that. Cornell also added more mystery to this story, as although it's always been mysterious, he's taken it to another level with this issue, by answering one question, whilst leaving more. The issue also had some brilliant drama, and suspense, though at the same time it still felt like another set-up issue, with not a great lot of change happening.

Mirco Pierfederici once again did a great job of the artwork on this issue, and although it's never going to even be a contender for the best Wolverine artwork in recent history, it's still very good, and a decent filler until Alan Davis returns. I did however much prefer Pierfederici's art this time round, as it was much more crisper, with better detail. I also felt that it was less rough than before, with the remaining roughness giving more tone to the story. I also loved the layout, and especially in the first couple of issue, as it was really dynamic, adding depth, as well as more drama. I also loved how Pierfederici handled the action, as it was exciting, and explosive, as well as slightly suspenseful.

This issue started where the last one left off, with Wolverine drowning. Now although I felt the situation ended rather too quickly, I did like how Cornell handled the narration, and how it mentioned how Wolverine killed his own son, Daken in a similar way, and that this may be karma trying to make things even. I also found it interesting to see a sign of fear in Wolverine's eyes, as although Wolverine's usually strong, showing little to no fear, this is probably the closest he's ever came to dying, which frightens him (which is natural), and I liked how it was shown, showing that he's still human.

There was much more action in this issue than last, as S.H.I.E.L.D. would use their team Namor against Wolverine. Now I'm not sure whether or not I like this new team, as there is a part of me that thinks it's both smart, and cool, being something that S.H.I.E.L.D. should have, yet another part of me feels that it's a bit silly, and that if they were going to introduce such a team, then is this the best place to do that? Somehow I don't think they'll stay around too long anyway, but taking away everything else it did add action, which I was happy about, as with the last issue lacking it, this one needed it even more. I also liked some of the dialogue throughout the fight, and although it won't be a memorable Wolverine fight, it was fun, and entertaining.

Now this issue would make the story much more mysterious, with Wolverine, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that he's working with going through the Microverse. Now I won't go into too much detail over this venture, but I will say that it shook up the story a bit, adding more questions, whilst giving a few answers. It also made some things more clearer, and overall although I'm not entirely sure whether what came out of this will work in the long run, I did find it an interesting concept, and look forward to seeing how/if it's developed.

Final Verdict

This was a much better issue than the last few, and the series certainly seems to be getting back on track, as although it's still not quite at the level of the first two issues, it's not far away. This issue also had some interesting parts about it, with exciting action, also having much more mystery added to it. It also was a good set-up for the next issue, keeping me very intrigued, and interested. Due to this I'd probably recommend this issue, though if you don't have the last issue it's probably worth just getting the series from the next issue.

Rating: 4/5