Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli

This has been a very entertaining series, and although it's not quite been as good as I hoped it'd be, it's still been very good, and fun, as well as interesting, and entertaining.


As Angela heads towards Earth, Iron Man (Tony Stark), and Rocket Raccoon fix Tony's armour, whilst Star-Lord (Peter Quill) visits Mantis to get advise on a vision he had.


This was a very good issue, but it was far from perfect. Brian Michael Bendis did a good job of writing this issue, and it was a brilliant start to this new story, but I was at the same time slightly upset that Neil Gaiman would only be consulting, and not co-writing as I though he would be. Bendis did however still do a decent job of this issue, as although it was nothing special it did a good job of introduced Angela to the series, and although this is only really a teaser, it was very well handled. There were also other interesting developments that Bendis handled very well, and although this wasn't as exciting as I initially hoped it would be, it had it's moments, and was suspenseful, and has me interested in what's to come.

Sara Pichelli once again did an excellent job of the artwork, and although she's not quite as good as Steve McNiven was, it was still brilliant. Pichelli especially did a great job of showing the characters emotions, as you could easily tell what the characters were feeling. Pichelli also did a great job of the action in this issue, as although there wasn't a great deal of it, Pichelli made it look very exciting, and I look forward to see it continued into next issue. I also felt that the layouts added more tone, and atmosphere to the issue, as well as adding more depth, and drama, which really helped give more life to the story.

The big thing about this issue would be Angela joining the series, as this is where she will feature following her big introduction at the end of Age of Ultron #10. To be honest I shouldn't have really expected a great deal from her first appearance in the series, as Bendis likes to build up to things like that. I did however feel that her presence in the issue helped it a lot, adding not just mystery, but suspense, as well as a extremely interesting sequence, and I can't wait to see the development of this in next issue.

Something that I've loved throughout this series has been the interaction between Tony, and Rocket, as the dialogue has been very interesting. This is no different here, as although there sequence does slightly slow the issue down, it had some interesting points, and is starting to show a possible friendship between these two different creatures. I also found it interesting that it would also highlight the experience that Tony would have with Gamora, adding more light to the slightly controversial subject.

Peter would be away from his fellow Guardians in this issue, as he went to Rigel 7, where he hopes to get help from Mantis following a strange vision he had, which was due to the splintering of time in Age of Ultron. I found this to be a interesting development, and although I'd love nothing more than for Age of Ultron to get swept under the carpet, it's slightly nice that certain series are showing the effect it has had. I did however find the sequence to be a little weird, and sudden, and the actions that Peter would make following this were a little questionable. I do however also look forward to seeing how this is developed in next issue, like all the set-up that has happened in this one.

Final Verdict

Not one of the better issues from this series, but still better than last issue, with some interesting development points. It also sets up the future of this series perfectly, as well as introduce Angela to the series. At the same time it wasn't anything more than set-up, with little excitement. There was however still some suspense, and drama, as well as interesting dialogue, and it does have me interested in the next issue. Due to this I'd probably recommend this issue, especially for anyone looking for a good starting point, but I would also recommend caution, as if you are short on cash, it may be worth waiting until the next issue.

Rating: 4/5